Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Let the games begin...

The day had been a particularly long and I was looking a quiet evening at home. I stopped and got some take out before heading home. Once, I arrived I noticed she had beat me home. She met me at door right off the kitchen. She was completely nude and had a couple glasses of wine in her hands. I dropped my work material and took a glass from her. She kissed me softly and asked how my day had been. Honestly, that was the last thing on my mind. Perhaps it was the perfectly sculpted legs adorned with 3’inch pumps. Her breasts were on the small size, but those rock hard nipples were always a vision. Being a breast man believe me something like this can make of the difference. That short authoritative hair cut allowed the fullness of her beauty to be revealed. She the glass from my hand and gently placed it on the cupboard beside us. Then she began to slowly to kiss me softly all over my lips and neck. She skillfully removed my member and started preparing him of the next level. I sighed, thinking let the games begin …

Friday, October 3, 2014

Pillow Talk

She was still taunting me, things continued to sir, as I swallowed hard. From my back I launch a half hearted swing.

“Is that all you got?" she taunted. 

I was caught up in watching her sway back and forth. I begun thinking about nice and naughty things. So I wasn't ready for the combination I received. From the expression on her face I could she was quite pleased with herself. Stupidly, I figured she was going to drop it and I could return to work, then...


Another well placed hit to the head. The shit just got real ...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Moment

The morning had begun like it had so many times before. The slow transition from darkness to grey, the silent magical collision that makes the sky blue. You hear the rush of the cars outside, the hush of life down below. You walk out onto your terrace to stare at nothing in particular. Just sit and stare, to be apart of something more than yourself. You hear fingers dancing along the ivory and black keys. Their sound takes you somewhere, someplace better than where you are. You began to glide your bow and across the strings, playing along with the ivory. Then you glance down as you play. You see her standing there, immersed in the moment you helped create. She is natural, her beauty accompanies what is being played. She's just standing there looking off into the morning, nursing her coffee. Nothing is more real than this moment. Nothing can truly describe what is seen. Nothing can describe what is felt. The fingers dancing on the ivory, your bow gliding across the strings and her standing, soaking it all in. We close our eyes, dive deeper in the magic. Everything around is drowned out. Everything else fades. We simply appreciate the moment. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Late for work

It has been a rough couple of weeks between my lady and I. Let me just say sexually I haven't been on the top of my game. Which translated into solo dinners and waking up to an empty bed. During my morning shower, I decided to take matters into my own hands. No way would it be a replacement, but it would keep me from killing someone in frustration. Then the shower curtain opened and she was standing there naked. 

"Hi" she muttered before smashing her lips to mine. 

I responded, looks like I'm going to be late to work.


Ever since last weeks mishap at the castle, I have been getting the cold shoulder from my girlfriend. This week I was to meet her at an art gallery. I noticed this peculiar exhibit with models covered in body paint. I stood there watching the patrons comment about how beautiful they were. I noticed one of them was my girlfriend. So after the exhibit she dragged me into the back room. I thought she was going to take a shower, but she didn't 

"Take me!" she exclaimed 

I couldn't believe her request, I responded without thinking,"Seriously?"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Draft (WIP)

This is my life. The stench of stale beer and urine nearly knocked me on my ass, as I took out the trash to the alley behind my bar. My bar served as the watering hole for some of the best writers. There is no telling who you might see here. It was nothing for a Pulitzer winner to be tucked in a dark corner nursing a pint. I was told once; they come here because they can be normal people, no one hounding them for autographs or any of usual things that happen when they frequent other bars. This made me happy to hear, because it was a goal I had in mind when I bought the place ten years ago. As a writer I know what it’s like to be hounded by a fan or need a break from my own mind. The Double Down, DD’s as many called it, was the spot the writer-types hung out. It was a place to come to get over the “the block” or drink enough until you forgot all about it. DD’s was also was the spot to come to after the “The Draft”

Other than being published, the draft was the most important event in the writing community. It was held once a year, it was the event where the most talented writers were paired with their muse in hopes to create the greatest literary offerings. Yes I know, that most you think “muses” are fictional creatures or figment of writer’s imagination, but I here to tell you they are very real. The draft was by invitation only. So I got my invitation in 1969.  I was basically an unknown with a whole lot of lightning and very little thunder. I got a few looks from some of the muses; none of them were willing to take the chance on me. So I figured with some old fashioned hard work and a bit of luck I’d picked up in one of the following drafts.

However, I found out, while drowning my sorrows, you only get one shot in a lifetime. If you were passed over, it’s time to start work at the mill or die from a paper cut at some insurance company, very disappointing news. I was pathetic and shattered, when a drink slid my way with a note.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning

I could hear the stir of the fading night and the buzz of the pending dawn. Just inside the silence I felt her shift slightly as her head rested against my chest My member stirred, but I knew no relief. I couldn't ask her to please me. I couldn't ask her a thing. I was supposed to be the perfect gentleman, the perfect host. My member started to ache so I began to stroke it lightly. Hoping not to wake the sleeping beauty. I felt her hand caress my stomach gently. I heard her swallow hard and softly moan. I began to stroke faster. She slid closer and whispered

"Yes, baby. ..stroke it. ..just like that. I want your cum"

Her hand was between her legs. Her moans grew louder. I felt the warmth of her pants on my cock. Her tongue flickered over the head. It pushed me over the edge. I began to cum. I felt her tongue lapping away the cum as it spewed from my cock. Her lips wrapped around the head and nursed the remaining out of my cock. Feeling lifeless and spent she falls back says with a smile

"Good Morning"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Really ?

Every friday I'm told where to meet her. Well, this friday we were meeting at a castle. When I found her she was ready. I must admit it was something kinky about the whole affair so I was game. She started sucking me and every thing was going well until I looked up and this picture of this guy over the fireplace. Then it happened, I went limp.

"What's going?" she asked

"The picture." I said and pointed.

She turned and looked, then said, "You are supposed to be concentrating, but NO!!! All I get is a limp noodle. Really?" 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Villa (WIP)

Author Note: Some time ago I was invited to participate in the development of an erotic novel. Due to life I haven't been able to give it a proper consideration until recently. Initially, I thought the scope of my participation would be advisory, however I have coaxed into becoming one of the main writers. So I am presenting a bit of a scene I am currently working on. This is a little bit out of my wheel house because I am coming from the female prospective. Please tell me if I got it right or even close...

He had no idea what he was doing to me. His dick was buried so deeply in my pussy. My arm pinned behind my back while he pumped ferociously. I loved it when the beast came out of him. I was lost in bewilderment of this loving and tender man who made love to him so passionately, now taking me like a wanton beast. My head pulled back, my mouth gaped open, and breast bouncing to every stroke. I knew it wouldn’t long before he would fill my waiting pussy with his cum. I knew this was just the beginning of our lovemaking. In my heart I knew this would go on for years to come. I loved this man with every fiber of my being and I had to make sure he knew it. The memory of his sweet, tangy cum filled my thoughts. I kept thinking how much I wanted all over my face and breasts. I cupped my breast with my free hand. My nipples are rock hard. His thrusts have become deeper and harder. It won’t be
long before he explodes. I have to make my move now.

I pull off his cock and sit at the edge of the bed. His cock is glistening from my juices. His balls are tight and he is harder than ever before. I look up into eyes, as I begin to stroke him. I lick away the pre-cum. He begins to groan loudly as I begin to nurse the head. I swirl my tongue around the tip as I continue to stroke him with both hands. His head is thrown back and he is gripping the foot board. I need him to cum. I lift up his cock and suck his sac while stroking him. He is groaning even louder. His groans send me into a frenzy. I take him into my mouth. It drives me crazy how he feels in my mouth. I begin sucking him with all that I am worth. I take him deeper until he hits the back of my throat. The sensation pushes me over the edge. An orgasm rips through my body, but I keep my lips firmly wrapped around his dick. I force his dick pass the gagging point and take all the way into my mouth. His aroma is intoxicating, as my nose is nestled in his groin.

His dick is swelling. He grips my head and began fucking my throat. My mouth is stretched to its limits and my jaws ache. He body stiffens and shakes. I release him from mouth and stroke him. My tongue is going crazy on his head. He unleashes a final groan and starts to cum. I began cumming immediately as the first splash hits my face. Splash after splash of warm cum coats my face and cheeks. His body begins to jerk as the final spurt lands on my tongue. I squeeze his sac trying to get the remaining cum, as I nurse the head. Max falls on to the bed spent and satisfied. I rub the dropping over my breasts and scoop the remnants into my mouth.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Breaking the Rules

Today was difficult to come up a photo in order to meet the challenge, but Naomi sent me a little number that got my creative juices flowing. So here is a dual photo Tantalizing Tuesday ... I hope you enjoy  

I did my best not to be mad at her, but she knew the rules. There were to be no interruptions while I was creating in my office. Never had she broken the rules before. She walked in wearing that simple black number that pleased me. I wondered what she wanted. I wondered what she needed. Maybe it was just to tempt me with those full luscious lips. Shivers went down my spine as they pressed against my neck.

didn't take long to figure out what she wanted. Her dark eyes hypnotized me. She walked over to the basin and leaned against it.

“Naomi, sent me. She said I need to be punished I have been a bad girl.” I did my best not to be tempted by this, but the bulge in my slacks betrayed my thoughts. She saw it and smiled. She lifted herself onto the basin and raised her legs. Spread her lips with her fingers inviting me to taste.

“I am ready for my lashings. 40 I think.”  
You may need more “

I drop to my knees the aroma is intoxicating. Each lick she shuddered. I continued licking.  Such a bad girl… 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't keep me waiting

“Hold on a second.” She spoke into the phone. Then she laid it on the table. She was gazing at me with those deep brown sexy eyes. It was one of those frisky catlike stares. You know, the kind that leaves wondering how much trouble you are about to get into. The only question is … how much are you going to enjoy it. She scooped the remaining traces of cum from her chin with her fingers. She nursed her gently, as she walked towards me.

“Are you serious right now?” she asked rubbing a good portion of my load all over her breasts. I couldn't help it, but I had already started to get excited again. She knew exactly what to do to me.

“You actually think you are leaving this house after getting me all hot and bothered?” She began to gingerly pull at her erect nipple, as she stared deep into my eyes. My mouth began to water. She took my hand and lead me into the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed staring at me. She pulled off her jeans and laid on her stomach across the bed.

“Honey, don't keep me waiting”

Thursday, August 14, 2014

I need a favor

She had been tempting me all day in one way or another. The subtle glances, the slow moistening of the lips, the inviting smiles, or the way her hand grazed the outline of her breasts. This woman was driving me crazy and she knew it. I tried every way possible not to be aroused by her, but my attempts were fleeting at best. One of the most sexiest things on a woman is her walk. Trust me when I tell you, she had one of the most sexiest walks I had ever seen. I memorized every shake and shudder of her walk.
"Mr. Scott, is the Rawlins report completed?" a voice asked over my shoulder. I turned to see my supervisor Ms. Carol Downs. She loved to address every one by their last name. I suppose it was something official about it. At any any rate she definitely killed the mood I was in.
"No ma'am, I will have it finished by the end of the day." I replied
She gave a me stern look, as she examined my face. Then she turned her head in the direction of my temptress, then back to me.
"Focus, Mr. Scott ... focus." she replied and then walked away.
Little did she know I was focused, just not on the Rawlins report. I knew how important the report was; so I shifted my thoughts to where they were supposed to be.I dug in and finished the report a little after 5pm. I was sure that Ms. Downs was going to have my ass, but surprising she was pretty cool. It took her about 30 minutes to review the report and made suggestions for improvements for another 20 minutes. I took the report and went back to my desk and started making revisions. She came by and said the revisions could wait until the morning. On my way out, I caught a glance of my temptress in her office. She must have figured everyone was gone. I looked through the glass as she played with herself.
Her sweetness was dripping and her breasts were double d's. I was so caught in the action I didn't even notice when she motioned for me to come inside. She stopped what she was doing and came to the door.
"I need a favor." she stated. i stood there shocked because I had been caught. I mustered out,
"Could you cum on my tits please?"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Excerpt from Night at the office (WIP)

She tugged me backwards and we fell back on the desk. I lifted her legs up and started removing her pants. She eagerly assisted. I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties under her pants. So there it was waiting for me. Her juicy pussy was waiting for me to lick it to the other side of pleasure. But it wasn't I wanted first. I wanted her small ample breasts. I pulled her close to me. Her hips rolled against mine. I lifted her shirt and licked her navel. I had planned to stretch things out, but she had something else in mind. She pulled her t-shirts leaving only a plaid bra. I massaged her breasts through the bra. She propped herself on her elbows and beckoned for me to kiss her.

This time our kiss was hunger on the verge of primal. We groped and pawed each other without restraint. I felt her hands in my trousers gripping my cock. I moaned loud. She began pulling and stroking me until I was on the side of the desk. She stroking to its full potential. I kept waiting for her to take into her mouth. I wanted, I needed for her to suck me. Her eyes were locked on my cock. I wondered if she was considering it. I stepped forward trying to give her an idea of what I desired. 

"Are you trying to tell me something?" she asked. 

I stood there while she stroked and squeezed my cock. 

"Tell me what you want, you are a big boy, use your words." 

"Suck me." I replied. 

"Suck what?" she asked. 

"Suck my cock, please." I replied. 

"Oh how sweet, baby wants me to suck his cock. Maybe I will, maybe I won't." 

"I said please..." I insisted. 

"What did we say about begging." she replied. 
I grabbed her head and pulled it towards my cock. She just glared at me. Taunting me, "Suck it !" I demanded. 

"Suck what?" she insisted 

"My dick dammit ... suck my dick." I exclaimed. 

"That's the big boy shit I'm talking about! Why didn't you say so?" 

Before I could a say a word, she began swallowing my cock. She sucked hungrily I could barely maintain myself. My hand moved to her pussy. It was drenched. I began finger fucking her while she sucked. The action of my fingers sent her sucking into overdrive. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Blind Date Act III

Control had always been an issue with him especially when he seen something he wanted. She was temptress to say the least. He couldn't get pass how her skin seemed to glow. It was so smooth, so inviting he had to taste it, but he was always taught to be the perfect gentlemen. Then suddenly she pushed him against the wall. She tore open his shirt. Her tongue slid from navel to his chest. He shuddered as he removed his shirt and jacket. Then, he placed on the couch and begun to ravish her. So much for being a gentleman....

Thursday, July 31, 2014

DayDream Act II (WIP)

He watched her hardening nipples stretch the material of her nightie. His mouth began to water, as he watched her slowly begin to please herself. He was sure she had done this before, but never in front of him. He listened to his wife's breathing become labored, as her fingers probed deeper and her legs spread wider. He leaned back against the arm of the couch and enjoyed the show. Flashes started filling his mind about things he would like to do with her. He thought about the different places within the house where he could attempt to tame her lust. He wondered if she were on the kitchen table with his head between her thighs, would this please her? If his tongue fluttered around her swollen clit, then slid up and down those swollen lips, would she be pleased? Perhaps, she was envisioning him pulling her to the edge of the table and filling her with his hardness, pumping and thrusting until the room was flooded with their united pant. He sat there in his thoughts, thinking how corniness truly had no bounds when you are horny. He sat there shaking his head, thankful she couldn't hear his thoughts.
He stood taking in every inch, every moment of this glorious sight. His rigid hardness in his hand being stroked furiously. Her eyes open, her mouth gaped open slightly. Her fingers working in overdrive. Her sweetness was so wet it had begun to speak in that mystic tongue which commands obediance. Her eyes locked on him in disbelief. His actions made her even hotter. Her eyes pleaded for him to come closer. They pleaded for him to release his nectar all over her. He surrendered to her request and stroked faster. He couldn't make up his mind where to cum. It was such a hard decision, on her big beautiful breasts, her inviting mouth, or within the caverns of her sweetness.
Instead, he dropped to his knees, slowly began licking up and down her thighs. She spread her legs wider inviting him inside. Her fingers stoked the fire which raged within her. He licked his way closer to sweetness, its sweet aroma put him into a trance. Her fingers rubbed her swollen clit, she cooed from the attention. Now, inches away from this delicious feast, he could barely contain himself. He pressed his lips against the swollen lips.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Blind Date

He wasn’t exactly excited about this. He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. He had gotten drafted by his boss to go to one of those black tie parties that you hate. What was even worst he had to take a blind date. The boss’s niece had arrived unexpectedly and somehow it became his job to make sure she had a good time. Probably, this was a date he would dread forever. He had been waiting on this sofa for hours. Suddenly, the door opened and small voice came from inside. “I am ready dear, why don’t you join me?”   

Thursday, July 24, 2014

DayDream (Excerpt from WIP)

Her knees land softly on a rug. She looked around realizing she is no longer in a parking garage. She is in some sort of cabin with a fireplace roaring. She turned to look for her lover and he is standing in the distance holding his manhood. His sac hangs full inviting her. Teasing her into submission. She lunges forward and take one into her mouth. Her hand stroking his manhood as she sucks his sac. She begins to moan against them. Her free hand dropped to her sweetness and her finger plunge inside.

She become wetter as she hears his groans. Her tongue moves back and forth ensuring every inch is coated. She releases his sac and concentrates on his manhood. She brings the tip level with her mouth. She moistens her lips while gazing at his manhood, as she stroked it slowly. Her sweetness ached, as she darted her tongue around his crown. He groaned as she took most of him in her mouth in a single gulp. Her body was on fire, her nipples tingled, her jaws stretched, and she was on the verge of eruption. She groaned as she watched her lips slip back and forth on his manhood.

He held her head as sucked him and deep. She took him deeper and deeper until his manhood hit the back of her throat. She squeezed her breast, pinching the nipples as an orgasm began to rip through her body. She removed his manhood swallowing the built up saliva, as she rode the orgasm out. He watched her carefully, as her orgasm subsided. Then he playfully began tapping his manhood against cheek and tongue. This excited her pushing her to next level. She began deepthroating him; taking him all the way down every third suck. His head leaned forward and his eyes were closed. He began belting out deep grunts and groans.

She knew it wouldn't be long before he would cum. The salty elixir of his pre cum fueled her frenzy. His manhood throbbed in her mouth. She sucked harder. His head thrown back groaning. She gripped his ass and sucked deeper. Her sweetness was seeping down her legs in anticipation of his eruption. Without pause he began thrusting his hips. Her mouth and jaws ached, but she continued to suck. He lets out a scream...

Friday, July 4, 2014

When tomorrow comes ... (WIP)

The intermittent buzz from the flickering street lights became a nuisance. The moths circled the globe of the street light, occasionally hitting it as if they didn’t care. Someone’s dogs barked announcing their readiness to enjoy the comforts of inside. Well lit homes darkened and silence became a symphony of tranquility. I suppose it is like that somewhere in some town in the world. It just doesn’t describe mine…
The city never sleeps,” I’m not exactly sure who said it or why, but no truer statement could have been made. More happens in the night, in the dark, than anyone would ever fathom. Whether, its young love blossoming in a back seat or the waitress outside grabbing a smoke, three pats and a wink away from paying her light bill. Inside the diner, a delivery truck driver watches a flickering flame from a single candle in the center of a blueberry muffin. He reflects how forty-five years have passed in an instant. He attempts to recharge himself by nursing a cup of coffee and grabbing a bite to eat before starting his second job.
Nights filled with tears, like the woman weeping in the shower for no other reason than she needed to let one out. We have the people who enter their uptown, high-priced apartments, pouring themselves a drink staring blankly out their windows. Realizing, they can't remember the last time they had a conversation about something that really mattered, or the father who sits silently in the dark wondering where the rest of the rent money is coming from, which was already ten days late. The people sitting in their apartments; frozen in the fear that comes when someone or something had stolen their illusion of freedom.
Lives are forever changed from a buff, snort, or stroke. Smoke-filled bars, back alleys, and shooting gallerys filled with people trying to find a way through the pain. As if somewhere in the fog, somewhere in the haze relief comes, Relief from the pain that never leaves. It just lingers in shadows of what you are trying to escape. It waits to tackle you again, each time a little harder. Night watchmen guard its whispers, while streetwalkers greet the newest members and welcome the regulars. These women stare into the darkness, in a fog of stale cigarettes and drunken sweet nothings; wondering where it all went wrong. Some just wanted to make the movies people talked about over dinner. Others did what they needed in order to survive.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hang on

Shy’s gently pushed Kathryn’s mouth away and took me in her mouth. She started to suck it slow and deep, groaning when it hit the sweet spot. Her pace quicken, her groans deepen. She pulled me from her mouth and slowly slid her tongue up and down the length of my cock. Shy gave me short licks leaving no inch untouched. Kathryn held her hair back out of her face and whispered,

“That’s it baby…show me how you suck cock”

Shy continued licking and stroking my cock. Then she lowered her mouth and began sucking my balls. I groaned deeply barely hanging on.

“Suck that dick” Kathryn demanded  

Shy followed her instruction and began sucking me vehemently. Her hair had fallen in her face. Her tongue darted over inch of my crown before pausing. Her tongue slid back and forth on the sensitive spot pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I felt trapped in the spell those lovely hazel eyes. She gave me one more; long, hard suck and then she gave a deep searing kiss. Shy lowered herself on to my cock. She moaned in my mouth as she did. Then whispered “Hang on.”

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Magician

I had asked her to come give me hand on a story I was working on. When she arrived, she looked a little worse for wears, but I continued working sliding a draft over to her.

“Now that I am here, what do you want?” she asked

“Stroke my cock” I replied jokingly, not even looking up as I said it.

She whirled my chair around and began doing so. I gripped my chair as she began smacking it against her tongue. I gasped repeatedly as she made appear and reappear effortlessly like a Magician ….

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Whisper Journal part 2

January 13th , Monday

True to winter, a path was cleared only to be covered again with fresh snow. I had trouble winding donw from the show. Power surged through my being, my heart pounded, my thoughts raced. In this moment nothing is more real to me. Nothing seemed clearer. Then in a blink, everything was broken. Tiny schards glistened in brillance on the covered streets. I am frozen, petrified like a manniequin behind tempered glass. I hear the fingers dancing gracefully along the ivory. Forming a tune from the nothingness note by note.

Simply she lay on the silk, with a silent, but serious invitation. Then I had a moment. A moment of reflection. Oh how, I loved the snow when I was young. My body seemed to have its own heat source, as if it ran off the energy of the sun or perhaps, siphoned energy energy from the children around me. This would explain a few things. The sudden collapses in the drifts from exhaustion. We'd play for hours, our feet numb, fingers tingling to the point of pain. Yet, our hearrts were filled with laughter and joy. Then I discovered girls and shit went downhill from there.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dining In

I had been with my girlfriend for years, so random blowjobs in the car had turned to blowjobs on special occasions.  So, you can imagine the surprise when I woke up to her swallowing my cock She savored every inch, licking, spitting,  slurping until she drained me. She glistened with satisfaction, giggling.  I heard a noise from workers next door. There was a well built dark skinned Adonis, whose muscles rippled as he worked. She hummed while glancing out the window. My sister always said. It doesn't matter where you get your appetite. ...As long as you eat at home

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where the Blackbird sings...(WIP)

The ice was perched in the corner of the window. The panes rattled from the wind. The candle's flame danced in the reflection. Yet, there was stillness outside that only the cold brings. Nothing moving, not a stir, just the glow of the predator's stare from the shadows. He could see me just as well as I could see him. Mother's cough perforated the silence. This was a bad one; you could tell by the sound it was down deep. She had barely moved in the last couple days. Her skin had become a ghastly pale shade. The Doctor had stopped by earlier in the day we lived on his to town. His expression didn't look good, but remarks were hopeful. Mother was tough and had made it through some of the toughest times life had to offer. I just hoped she could find a bit rest in her sleep. I pulled my blanket tight as the window's rattle and the wind's howl served as a lullaby.

With a nudge from Butchy, a well seasoned mix breed, woke me. His tired bloodshot eyes looked like I felt. It was time to let him out to stretch his legs. He had been on guard all night by Mother's side. I opened the door and he was on his way. There was a chill in the room. The fire had burned down. I put some wood on the fire and stirred things up. I stood silently staring into Mother's room. I just waited to see if there any movements. She lay there so still. I started towards the room when turned onto her side. I exhaled slowly and headed to the stove to make some coffee. Than I heard a single bark from Butchy and a scratch at the door. Butchy only scratched at the door when there was trouble. I looked out the door to a car coming towards the house. It would be hear pretty quick, it was just enough time to get the scatter gun and gather some rounds.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Writer's Block (WIP) part 2

I nod, breathing hard as I run my fingers through her hair
"Really?, this hard cock is mine?" She remarked licking her and continuing to stroke me to a new level.
“So big....so hard....” she continues, exhaling through her teeth, licking your lips slowly, and then lets out devilish giggle.
Then she moved around in front of me on her knees. She removed her glasses and laid them on the table. She opened her mouth wide taking me into her mouth. She took over half of him in a single gulp and stopped. She closed her lips around my cock letting it just sit in her mouth. She sucked softly. She adjusted herself a bit and spread her legs wider. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Then she begin to lick the length slowly. Long licks like she licking her favorite ice cream cone. I shuddered as she gently nursed the head. Then she took me back in her mouth. This time taking as much as she could. She lips  shuddered as her mouth adjusted. She brace herself as she gripped by the base of my cock to take me deeper.
As her nose nestled nicely in my pubic hair. She released me to catch her breath. She wrappedd away the excess saliva from her lips as she continued to stroke me. Then she began sucking again. She spit on my cock only to suck up the saliva I was still in her mouth. She groan loud and began moaning as she sucked. I saw her hands slid down between her legs. SHe begin rubbing herselff and sucking me in unison. I could barely hold on. It felt so good. She looked so hot sucking me. She graoned again as she buried her nose again in my pubic hair. I held it there for a moment.  Her eyes began to water and I released her head. She was panting trying to regain her composure. She looked at me with those deep beautiful eyes stroking and squeezing my cock hard.
"Cum for me" she said
I stared at her nearly ready to burst.
She nodded her head and repeated her request, "Right here" She instructed with her mouth open.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Writer's Block (WIP)

The funny thing about writer’s block is that it attacks right in the middle of a good session. Everything is going rather smooth. Then you’re slightly distracted and it is over. It’s kind of like when say the wrong thing to your girlfriend and gives you a look and the rest is history. This time the block was pretty heavy. None of the usual tricks and methods that I use to break it were working. I heard a noise I looked out the window I one the neighbor tyrants in my yard. I opened the door and stared at him like a crazy man. The basketball had rolled underneath my truck and the tyrant was crawling under my trunk to get it. My instinct was to yell at him and scared the piss of him. However, I resisted and walked outside to see if I could help. The ball had got caught underneath my oil pan. I jumped in the trunk and moved about 10 feet closer to the house. That did it the ball was loose and the tyrant grabbed the ball and ran off.
He turned around and yelled back “Thanks, Mr. M” 

I couldn’t believe that was the first they said something other than a profanity in months. I looked up and shot me the bird as he jumped on his back and pedaled off. I really considered chasing his sorry little ass, but I looked down at my fading gut and bare feet and figured that it wouldn’t be worth it. So I took off after him, four blocks, six yards, and at least seven rather large dogs later I decided to quit. While standing there panting like a fool, I yelped out “You little fucker, when I catch you I will dip your head in a thousand empty toilets”. Yeah, so I am a little rusty on the whole insult thing. I turned started back home. The neighbors were standing in their yards shaking their heads …..Sighing.
I finally got back to my yard and drug my tired ass back in the house. The phone rang.

“Hello.” I answered
“Man, you aren’t going to believe this shit!” Zeke replied.
Zeke is my right hand man who I trust with my most secret of secrets.

“What?” I replied
“Eartha Kitt is dead!” He said
“Do Not Be Fucking with me, man!!!... You know that’s my girl!” I warned
“Channel 5, mother-fucker …channel 5!” then he hung up

I turned on the news and heard the broadcast. Shocked I fell in my chair. My head was hanging not really understanding what just happened. I couldn’t believe this shit, the original Catwoman…man. My cock started to get hard as I began remembering her running around in that skin tight leather suit. I swallowed hard and licked my lips as the vision of her crawling on all fours, looking thirty different ways of hot played vividly in my mind. Then I begin imagining you in that skin tight leather suit crawling towards me ……slowly…..seductively. I undid my pants and removed my cock and stroking as the image played in mind. I was sitting there stroking; as my girlfriend came through the front door. 

She was dressed in a baggy sweater and jeans. She had a weary appearance from traveling, but she looked so damn hot. She managed a smile, as she began to walk towards me. She leaned in a gave me a tender kiss. I close my eyes and inhale her scent. She had an evil little grin on her face as she moved my hand from my cock. She replaced it with hers stroking slow and deliberate. We begin kissing again deeply. Our tongues dance to their own song as she stroked me still. 

We break our kiss our foreheads touching, panting trying to catch our breath I mutter" I missed you" She smiled and kiss me tenderly, then looked down at my cock and said " Is this for me baby?"

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Shadow Encounter (WIP)

Author Note: This is a reexamination of an older story I think that needs so fresh blood. Tell me thoughts about it ???
“What do you want; can’t you see I’m busy?” Mangus, wearing the harsh scowl, Talon had seen for years. Mangus turned from the parchment he was reviewing as he responded to her greeting. Mangus paused for a moment and then continued, “Whatever it is, for the sake of all that is holy be brief!”
Talon wouldn’t let the anger in his voice deter her. She had a mission and she would see it through. Although the men knew their commander was proud of their accomplishments in battle. They just wanted to hear it. They wanted the Shadow Lord to stand before them in celebration, as he did in battle. They believed the Supreme General Talon was just the person to possibly get this worn torn, gruff man understand their needs. “I will my Lord; you weren’t at the feast, My Lord. Mangus returned to reviewing the parchment. He paced the floor, pulling at his salt and pepper whiskers, driving deeper thought. Talon had to choose her next words carefully. She knew she had to say something in order to regain Mangus’s attention and keep it. “My Lord, Once again you are neglecting your duties to the men. I’ve come to get you.” Talon asserted, as she crossed her legs.
“NEGLECT MY MEN, COME TO GET ME!!!” Mangus yelled, His words were like fire. His expression was of intense anger just say of death. Talon remained firm, careful not to show the fear that consumed her entire being. Mangus tossed the parchment on a nearby table and proceeded to walk towards her. Mangus’s movements were slow and precise. Talon’s heart began to pound. She had seen moves like this on the battlefield. Talon knew that Mangus had certainly killed for less. Mangus towered over her, as she looked up at him from her seated position. Talon watched as Mangus studied her eyes for a moment.
Mangus stood staring at this woman, his supreme general. She must have forgotten her place. Talon was no longer the scared little orphan girl, which he had rescued from that ravished village on the coast, over a century ago. Mangus didn’t know what else to do with a girl child, so Mangus taught her the only things he knew. Things that a woman should never know, but these skills had saved her many times. Talon recalled the point of his instruction; to protect the weak, against the strong.
Mangus continued looking at her, Talon’s appearance designed to fit into a man’s world. Her loosely fitted clothes and short cropped hair, with no apparent style allowed her to blend right in. Mangus never had a problem with that before now. Talon had been what he needed her to be. Mangus had become accustom to her strong will, brilliant mind, and undeniable cunning. He relied heavily on these in and out of battle. Mangus didn’t teach Talon how to survive, he taught how to live. Overall, Mangus believed that everything had worked out for the best.
However now gazing at Talon’s soft, delicate, and pale skin which shimmered in the candlelight. For the first time, Mangus saw a beautiful woman instead his supreme general. Talon was something different than the capable and fierce warrior that fought alongside him for nearly a century. To him it was apparent that the gods had taken their time in the creation of this one. Mangus began wondering what he had done to deserve her sword, her trust, or her loyalty. Talon’s skill was unmatched. Mangus swallowed hard, as he felt his heart beat faster. His nostrils began to flare. Then he exhaled and leaned back on the table. Mangus squared himself, hoping that he hadn’t shown any signs of affection.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Excerpt from Shy's Retreat pt 3 (WIP)

Moments later, they arrived at the hotel. As expected, she was whisked away upon arrival. She was escorted to her room and she stood out of the way while watching the attendants work. They buzzed around making sure everything was in its proper place. Some would check to see if there was anything in particular she wanted. She smiled and said no. Just as suddenly as they arrived they vanished.

She poured herself a drink and sat on the bed with her legs crossed, the left leg bouncing slowly. She held her drink by her fingertips. Shy sat staring blankly at the floor while she tried to wrap her head around what was happening. It appeared her vacation was shot to hell. Deeply she exhaled, as she thought about being a wife and mother. Though, both were a blessing, they come with a cost. She couldn't remember the last time she had time to herself. She smiled softly, as she recalled the sounds of her bunch ripping and running through the house,. creating the havoc that comes with raising a family. Something they conveniently left out of the mommy magazines. Her smile deepens realizing it was one of the greatest sounds she ever heard.

The silence seeped back into her consciousness, slow and steady. Shy sipped the drink while looking around the room. Now, realizing just how badly she needed this break she took another drink, closing her eyes, as it burned its way to her stomach. The drink was a bit strong, yet it was just right. She sat the drink on the table by the door. She pulled some stories from her bag she intended read and threw them on the bed. She got things situated by the bed and laid down.

She flipped through the stories and decided on reading a one by her friend Mangus. She had known him for years. Mangus was a bit of a goof ball, but a decent enough fellow. She really enjoyed reading his work, but he couldn't seem to get this one right. She decided to read the story through before making notes. Shy sub consciously licked her lips. This version had a different feel to it. Her soaked panties confirmed that. She wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or the tale. She giggled a bit because it didn't matter which.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My hands slid down the contours of her body. Slowly, feeling every inch, blemish, bump, pimple...sure perfection. My mouth began salivating in anticipation of the moment when the magic begins. The moment when she allows me to nurse and rub her. The moment when that spot is glazed with the mixture of my saliva and her nectar. Then I long for her sweetness to tighten around my member. Milking out every ounce of life force. Mmmmm....I can't wait...

Our foreheads are fused from the heat. Slowly, she slides up and down, pausing on the downstroke. She rocks side to side. The walls of her sweetness tightens. Our sweat is pouring, as the friction of this carnal endeavor escalates. Her grip my shoulders. Her nails tear into my flesh. Her eyes are closed.
Her head is tilted to one side. Her face is coated with tiny beads of sweat, sweat drips from her lips as she whispers “That's it !!! That's it !!!”

Her body tightened, but her movements were steady. My hands gripped her ass, burying myself to the hilt. My back was arched. My head rested on the sofa. My teeth had a firm grip on my bottom lips.
I didn't think she had a clue how badly I needed to cum. Perhaps, she did and that was the point

Friday, April 11, 2014

Swive - Flash Friday Fiction

My tongue glided across her skin. Tracing every curve and every inch. My eye's were closed as the feel of her skin painted an image in my mind . So soft, so tender. It had a taste I couldn't describe, but it was the best thing I have ever tasted. Her hips gave me a hard, heavy, profound grind that meant business. My face nuzzled in the space between her breasts and abdomen. She leaned back in a gasp. I lunged forward pulling her tighter in my grasp as we began to swive.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Excerpt from WIP Dire Lake

Here is an excerpt from another one of my short tales....  I hope you enjoy


As I pulled up, I noticed an old pickup packed on the edge of the road leading to the cabin. I parked beside it and got out. I called out several times, but got no answer. I started up the road, which was about two miles long and ended at the stream. The cabin sat off to the left. As I got close to the cabin I noticed the door was cracked. I heard some sounds coming from inside the cabin. I crept around the outside of the cabin. There was an old bench that ran underneath the window. I stood on the bench, but I couldn't get a good look into the window. I stepped down and grabbed an chair that had been there as long as I could remember. Carefully, I placed the chair on the bench. I wiped off the window and could see a woman reading a book. I stood watching her read and then noticed her hand was buried in her panties.

I had never watched anyone masturbate before. I kept thinking I should be ashamed, but I wasn't. I stood there watching this woman please herself. Then, the book fell to the floor. She began squirming in the chair. I could see her hand working in and out of her pussy. She was squeezing one of her breasts. Her tongue moistened her lips and she was gasping a little. I was becoming insanely excited. I was rubbing my cock through my jeans. She had both of her breasts out and her tongue flickered across a nipple. She brought her breasts closer. She was licking and sucking her nipples, while her hand worked like a piston in her panties. I was stroking now. I couldn't remember when I had been so turned on. By the looks of it, both of us were about to explode. I wondered who would be first.

I lost my footing on the chair and fell into the wall. I didn’t know what was worse, my cock hanging out of pants or me falling off the chair. I climbed back up and looked through the window and she was gone. Just then I realized, I was about to be caught. I shoved my cock back in my pants and jumped down off the chair. I turned to start running towards the woods; I felt a sharp pain and everything went black.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Except from Shy's Retreat pt. 2

I have decided to release this complete story. So let me know if you guys want me to continue releasing this story in sections or would you like for me to release the reminder of the story

- Khan 

Ruby suspected as much from watching the weather channel. She was glad she took precautions in case this happened. That was the thing about Ruby, she always thought ahead. "Just go to the front and take a taxi to Hyatt Regency. Everything’s already taken care of." Ruby instructed.

"Really, Auntie?" Shy laughed. How like her aunt to understand her needs before she understood them herself.

"Yes it is, Hon.” Ruby so wanted to take the stress away from her niece. The only way she knew how to do that was get her out here and make her relax. “The whole top floor is yours."

Ruby thought of something just before she was going to say goodbye. "Don't you have a friend somewhere out there?"

"Yes, I do," A devilish smile came across Shy’s face. The image of her tongue gliding across the rigidness of her friend's nipple caused a warm tingle down below. The last time, they had seen each other there had been a bit of unfinished business. It needed tending this trip through Chicago.

"Sounds good, Hon,” distracted by a problem at the resort, Ruby replied quickly. “See that you do. Take care, see when you get here.” And she was gone.

Shy grabbed her things and headed for the front of the airport. She definitely wanted to get somewhere peaceful. When she got to the front of the airport she saw a single taxi sitting there. She stood there looking around and the driver walked over reaching for her bag.

"Hyatt - Regency?" He could tell by the way style of dress there was no way she was visiting the slum-lord motel owners of the area. The Hyatt-Regency wasn’t well-renown for it’s first class visitors because of it’s convenience to the airport, but also because it was one of the most expensive hotels on the strip. It catered to the best. The woman standing before him was definitely one of those.

"Yes" she replied, with a puzzled look on her face. Shy was always amazed by people who judged her by appearances. There was nothing extraordinary about the way she looked in her opinion. It was one of her endearing qualities.

"Follow me, Ma'am" he said walking toward the taxi and opening the door for her. Shy got in and he put her bag in the trunk.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Will I be able to put desire away for a moment. Will I be able to put it away, as I look into those beautiful eyes. Can I control myself... keep myself from leaning in and tasting the sweetness of those lips. Have their softness melt away my angst, melt away my pain. I'd take my time to explore each inch of her mouth. My hand slowly caressing her skin, as we kiss. Gently brushing her hair behind her ear when we take a break for air. We kiss again; this time passion is intertwined with hunger. This time; we remove the borders and loving comes later.

I can feel my control slipping, as I do yours through your lips. They press firmer against mine in a slow, serious way. Yet they tremble slightly, as if you're not sure if this is what you wanted. Yet you know damn well its what you needed . I dare not stop. I dare not falter. I anxiously await the moments of the next level. Moments where I succumb to desire. Moments of passion that only you can take me. I relinquish my resistance. I surrender myself to you. Take me to esctacy, my love.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Lady in Red

The night is coming, just like it did the night before. It really isn't anything special to me, just a darker shade of grey. You see, I view the world through a pair of monochrome lens. Its been this way since birth, well, at least until I saw her. Her lips glowed like rubies, her hair seems like it was on fire, and something shimmery hung from her ears. These colors I can only imagine to be shades of red. Is this what red looks like? How beautiful, how enchanting. Who was she? Who was this women in red?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Excerpt from Shy's Retreat

A stunning brunette walked through an airport. Turning heads with every seductive step. Finally she reached the airport bar, dropped her bag beside a table and removed her black waist length jacket laying it on the back of a chair. Just as she got settled a waitress came by and took her order. She crossed her legs and leaned back slightly in her chair. If you looked close you could tell that she needed a little vacation. Not a long one just enough to take the edge off. Through her hazel eyes, behind the lavender lens of the sunglasses, she scanned the bar watching the half smiles, winks, and inviting nods while, she nervously played with her necklace.

She pulled her purple cardigan close covering an old “I survived Dover AFB” t-shirt and began recalling the last time she had been on vacation. She had finally met a longtime online friend and they had very interesting and fun filled trip that was entirely too short. The waitress returned with her order and she sipped her Seven and Seven. She looked at her watch and saw that she only had few minutes left to catch her next flight. Excited and anxious she couldn’t wait, she was one flight away from her Aunt Ruby northern California retreat. Her aunt was a free spirit, fun loving, and hyper sexy woman in her mid sixties.

“May have your attention….May have your attention Please!!!!” barked over the airport intercom.

“All flights are canceled due to severe weather……All flights are canceled due to severe weather” intercom continued to bark

“If you have any further questions about rescheduling please consult your airline personnel…thank you for using O’Hare airport.” intercom finished.

She sat shocked, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Before she could really react her phone began to ring.

“Hello.” She said

“Shy, it Aunt Ruby.” the voice asked

"Hey, Auntie!!" Shy hoped her eager cry would cover the disappointment at the canceled flights.

"What's wrong honey, you sound a little down?" Ruby wasn’t one to pussy-foot around. She wanted to know what was up with her niece and she wasn’t going to be steam rolled into believing everything was fine.

"They just canceled all the flights, Aunt Ruby!" Shy replied with sadness at being delayed a reunion with her favorite relative.

Monday, March 17, 2014


The rattling of the window in the wind wakes me. Slowly, I stretch away the night, my eyes shift from a darkness to a haze, my eyes shift into focus from slumber to reality. I hear the whirling hiss as the snow hits the screen I make my way to the kitchen to brew some sanity. Its aroma filled the room in a matter of seconds. In minutes I am nursing a cup by the window. The night has yet to surrender to dawn. Yet, to tuck itself away partaking in the much needed rest. If you look closely and catch it just right you can the snowflake's form before it dissolves against the glass.

It is the perfect day for cuddling. Her head nestled in that special place. My breathing slow and heart skip a beat so that we in unison. So that we are connected. Connected on the spiritual level, not just the profane, it is perfect morning for loving. A soft slow, lingering turns into a slow grind. To evolves into a breathless gasp that surrenders to a moan. A moan becomes a pant, then a scream, then contentment's sigh is release. Then fall into a deep coma like sleep.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crescent Motel

From my rearview mirror I could see her in the diner window, as I drove off. I couldn't make out her features, but they were burned into memory. My heart was still pounding and my breathing wasn't quite under control. My head was spinning trying to make sense of what just happened. I couldn't believe what she had said. I still feel the heat of her breath on my ear as she whispered.

“I want to suck your big cock”

I never would have dreamed a woman would say something like this to me. To be honest I would never imagined that I would walk up on a couple having sex in a shack in the middle of nowhere. The things she did to that guy's unit …. excited me so much I pulled out my own and started to stroke away. I am 25 years-old and never been with a women. Yeah, that's right a virgin. Hell, not even a blowjob. I suppose I have been close a few times, but never seemed to go my way.

I nearly passed out when she said, “I want you to fuck my breasts and fill my mouth with your sweet cum”

I just sat there staring at her slightly exposed cleavage. There was a gap between them that seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I had reached a a motel at the edge of town. The sign hissed and buzzed, but read Crescent Motel

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The moment had finally arrived. Yes, the eve of our culmination.
No more dreams, unfulfilled fantasies, or sleepless nights yearning.
My god no longer did you have to wonder silently

How it tasted?
How it felt?

Right here, before you in all its glory risen, ready to help to the furthest depths of your desire.

You begin to salivate and your nipples harden.
You try to control your breathing, trying not to seem too eager,
but you can't wait any longer.

Placing it between your breasts, you holding them together.
Eyes closed locked on it as it slides in and out. On every forward thrust you moan softly.
Your head tilts back, eyes close close.
Waves pulse through your body and
you groan deeper.

Gasping, your tongue is folded back as you press it against your teeth.
Moving your breasts up and down, heart pounding, and you lower your head.
Your tongue flicks the tip each time it comes into reach.
Dropping your head lower as he thrusts it further.

Licking ....


On every thrust

with a loud moan you suck the tip hard, as it thrusts in and stays there for a moment

Groaning louder


It tastes Sooo Goood!!!

It feels Sooo Goood!!!!

But DAMN !!!!

You wanted more

sliding your tongue slowly up and down the length. Pausing at the tip. Slowly swirling your tongue around it velvet head. Moaning, savoring every inch.
Deep in your mouth, you suck it

Hearing the groans, you begin massing the sac.
Juices flowing as your lips slide back and forth.
Rubbing your wetness, as you pickup the pace.

The Groan deepen..

Your lips move faster

The moans grow louder....

Your mouth sucks harder

You hear “Oh God!!!!”....

You take it deeper

your body quivering, as you continue
sliding your finger deeper and faster.
The sac tightens, you feel it swell in your mouth, you know it won't be long now

your head bobbing ...

him groaning ...

your juices running...

getting closer the moment that you have been anticipating
its still swelling ...

Now, erupting
you are climaxing

falling back
both of you panting...

Damn, that was


I hear the cries of sadness, from the depths of madness
the pleas of the yearning....
the searching .....
are the loudest

in the bowels of madness, I am bathed in the darkness
I have been here so long, we have become one.

I have become its sun

I can be the thunder beneath your feet, a feeling that pulses through your body like the lightning.

Leaving you quaking...
Yet, most of the time I am nothing, but tender and loving.

Hang on darling this is only the beginning

With a whisper, I come thru the mist of your dreams bringing pleasures that make you scream

My words might seem extreme, but flows from you like a stream.

Your moistness and my hardness unite
your hips bucking...
mine pumping....
on through the night

your body quivers...
your lips shivers...
as you want this feeling to last forever

Gently, I raise your knees, as I continue to please

open legs spread, as I pull you to the edge of the bed

I pump deeper

our bodies sweating so much. You believe that you might have a fever.

You are not sure if my words are truth or legend. But, I know one thing ,
these words are pretty damn hot

Again ...

The creaminess of you allows me to slide in and out with ease.
I feel the walls of your sweetness tightening
It feels so damn good.
I am gripping your ass, as you grind hard against me.

I can feel your warm juices glide down my groin.
Your hands are gripping my shoulders tightly, as you begin to grind harder.
Your eyes are closed and your head is thrown back.
You are in a constant moaning state.

I lean forward and begin licking and sucking your breasts.

To push you further into that state.
The rigidness of your nipples against my tongue pleases me.
I lather your creamy breasts savagely, but with love and tenderness.

Lost in the sensation of how good you taste and feel.
I remember something; I pull from your breasts.
I begin giving long licks, pausing at your ear.
Then suck the bottom of your earlobe gently.

I begin sucking various places on your neck.
I lift you slightly so I can thrust in you deeper.
You clinch my neck as my thrusts quicken.
I can feel your muscles tighten.

You are crying out with each thrust.
Then suddenly you bear down against me.
Your walls constrict around me.
Your body begins to spasm and shakes violently.

You are climaxing so hard. It is so warm and creamy.

I hold you tight until the fury passes.
I lean back against the back of the couch.
I move your sweat-soaked hair back.
I start kissing your face slightly all over the place.

I ask if you are okay.
As I continue to kiss you and stroke your hair.
You seem to be glowing.
You are definitely smiling.

I slide down and we begin a slow passionate kiss.
I slowly begin thrusting inside you with
Long, deep, and passionate strokes.
So I can make you climaxing hard and long again.