Saturday, March 8, 2014


I hear the cries of sadness, from the depths of madness
the pleas of the yearning....
the searching .....
are the loudest

in the bowels of madness, I am bathed in the darkness
I have been here so long, we have become one.

I have become its sun

I can be the thunder beneath your feet, a feeling that pulses through your body like the lightning.

Leaving you quaking...
Yet, most of the time I am nothing, but tender and loving.

Hang on darling this is only the beginning

With a whisper, I come thru the mist of your dreams bringing pleasures that make you scream

My words might seem extreme, but flows from you like a stream.

Your moistness and my hardness unite
your hips bucking...
mine pumping....
on through the night

your body quivers...
your lips shivers...
as you want this feeling to last forever

Gently, I raise your knees, as I continue to please

open legs spread, as I pull you to the edge of the bed

I pump deeper

our bodies sweating so much. You believe that you might have a fever.

You are not sure if my words are truth or legend. But, I know one thing ,
these words are pretty damn hot

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