Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My hands slid down the contours of her body. Slowly, feeling every inch, blemish, bump, pimple...sure perfection. My mouth began salivating in anticipation of the moment when the magic begins. The moment when she allows me to nurse and rub her. The moment when that spot is glazed with the mixture of my saliva and her nectar. Then I long for her sweetness to tighten around my member. Milking out every ounce of life force. Mmmmm....I can't wait...

Our foreheads are fused from the heat. Slowly, she slides up and down, pausing on the downstroke. She rocks side to side. The walls of her sweetness tightens. Our sweat is pouring, as the friction of this carnal endeavor escalates. Her grip my shoulders. Her nails tear into my flesh. Her eyes are closed.
Her head is tilted to one side. Her face is coated with tiny beads of sweat, sweat drips from her lips as she whispers “That's it !!! That's it !!!”

Her body tightened, but her movements were steady. My hands gripped her ass, burying myself to the hilt. My back was arched. My head rested on the sofa. My teeth had a firm grip on my bottom lips.
I didn't think she had a clue how badly I needed to cum. Perhaps, she did and that was the point


  1. Excellent teaser! Extremely erotic.Perfect visuals. I was hanging on every word, waiting for that magic moment to arrive

  2. Oh my, you completely drew me in. Fab teaser :-)

  3. Well, that certainly cranked it up about a dozen notches, Mangus!! What a wonderful teaser. The pace was purely erotic, the visuals, visceral; the heat tangible and tasty and the intensity was palpable. I thought you might take us to the edge of darkness with a changer or vampire, but you kept it strictly mortal. I loved it. xo

  4. "My hands slid down the contours of her body. Slowly, feeling every inch, blemish, bump, pimple...sure perfection. " I love this line for an introduction, the contrast between the blemish and perfection builds the momentum for this very visual scene. I'm holding my breath until he comes.

  5. Fucking intense and deeply delicious. You capture the intensity and the pre-orgasmic tension beautifully. A magnificent encounter - the type that makes life so good.

  6. Red hot, erotic and excellently written. I loved it.