Thursday, March 27, 2014

Except from Shy's Retreat pt. 2

I have decided to release this complete story. So let me know if you guys want me to continue releasing this story in sections or would you like for me to release the reminder of the story

- Khan 

Ruby suspected as much from watching the weather channel. She was glad she took precautions in case this happened. That was the thing about Ruby, she always thought ahead. "Just go to the front and take a taxi to Hyatt Regency. Everything’s already taken care of." Ruby instructed.

"Really, Auntie?" Shy laughed. How like her aunt to understand her needs before she understood them herself.

"Yes it is, Hon.” Ruby so wanted to take the stress away from her niece. The only way she knew how to do that was get her out here and make her relax. “The whole top floor is yours."

Ruby thought of something just before she was going to say goodbye. "Don't you have a friend somewhere out there?"

"Yes, I do," A devilish smile came across Shy’s face. The image of her tongue gliding across the rigidness of her friend's nipple caused a warm tingle down below. The last time, they had seen each other there had been a bit of unfinished business. It needed tending this trip through Chicago.

"Sounds good, Hon,” distracted by a problem at the resort, Ruby replied quickly. “See that you do. Take care, see when you get here.” And she was gone.

Shy grabbed her things and headed for the front of the airport. She definitely wanted to get somewhere peaceful. When she got to the front of the airport she saw a single taxi sitting there. She stood there looking around and the driver walked over reaching for her bag.

"Hyatt - Regency?" He could tell by the way style of dress there was no way she was visiting the slum-lord motel owners of the area. The Hyatt-Regency wasn’t well-renown for it’s first class visitors because of it’s convenience to the airport, but also because it was one of the most expensive hotels on the strip. It catered to the best. The woman standing before him was definitely one of those.

"Yes" she replied, with a puzzled look on her face. Shy was always amazed by people who judged her by appearances. There was nothing extraordinary about the way she looked in her opinion. It was one of her endearing qualities.

"Follow me, Ma'am" he said walking toward the taxi and opening the door for her. Shy got in and he put her bag in the trunk.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Will I be able to put desire away for a moment. Will I be able to put it away, as I look into those beautiful eyes. Can I control myself... keep myself from leaning in and tasting the sweetness of those lips. Have their softness melt away my angst, melt away my pain. I'd take my time to explore each inch of her mouth. My hand slowly caressing her skin, as we kiss. Gently brushing her hair behind her ear when we take a break for air. We kiss again; this time passion is intertwined with hunger. This time; we remove the borders and loving comes later.

I can feel my control slipping, as I do yours through your lips. They press firmer against mine in a slow, serious way. Yet they tremble slightly, as if you're not sure if this is what you wanted. Yet you know damn well its what you needed . I dare not stop. I dare not falter. I anxiously await the moments of the next level. Moments where I succumb to desire. Moments of passion that only you can take me. I relinquish my resistance. I surrender myself to you. Take me to esctacy, my love.

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Lady in Red

The night is coming, just like it did the night before. It really isn't anything special to me, just a darker shade of grey. You see, I view the world through a pair of monochrome lens. Its been this way since birth, well, at least until I saw her. Her lips glowed like rubies, her hair seems like it was on fire, and something shimmery hung from her ears. These colors I can only imagine to be shades of red. Is this what red looks like? How beautiful, how enchanting. Who was she? Who was this women in red?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Excerpt from Shy's Retreat

A stunning brunette walked through an airport. Turning heads with every seductive step. Finally she reached the airport bar, dropped her bag beside a table and removed her black waist length jacket laying it on the back of a chair. Just as she got settled a waitress came by and took her order. She crossed her legs and leaned back slightly in her chair. If you looked close you could tell that she needed a little vacation. Not a long one just enough to take the edge off. Through her hazel eyes, behind the lavender lens of the sunglasses, she scanned the bar watching the half smiles, winks, and inviting nods while, she nervously played with her necklace.

She pulled her purple cardigan close covering an old “I survived Dover AFB” t-shirt and began recalling the last time she had been on vacation. She had finally met a longtime online friend and they had very interesting and fun filled trip that was entirely too short. The waitress returned with her order and she sipped her Seven and Seven. She looked at her watch and saw that she only had few minutes left to catch her next flight. Excited and anxious she couldn’t wait, she was one flight away from her Aunt Ruby northern California retreat. Her aunt was a free spirit, fun loving, and hyper sexy woman in her mid sixties.

“May have your attention….May have your attention Please!!!!” barked over the airport intercom.

“All flights are canceled due to severe weather……All flights are canceled due to severe weather” intercom continued to bark

“If you have any further questions about rescheduling please consult your airline personnel…thank you for using O’Hare airport.” intercom finished.

She sat shocked, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Before she could really react her phone began to ring.

“Hello.” She said

“Shy, it Aunt Ruby.” the voice asked

"Hey, Auntie!!" Shy hoped her eager cry would cover the disappointment at the canceled flights.

"What's wrong honey, you sound a little down?" Ruby wasn’t one to pussy-foot around. She wanted to know what was up with her niece and she wasn’t going to be steam rolled into believing everything was fine.

"They just canceled all the flights, Aunt Ruby!" Shy replied with sadness at being delayed a reunion with her favorite relative.

Monday, March 17, 2014


The rattling of the window in the wind wakes me. Slowly, I stretch away the night, my eyes shift from a darkness to a haze, my eyes shift into focus from slumber to reality. I hear the whirling hiss as the snow hits the screen I make my way to the kitchen to brew some sanity. Its aroma filled the room in a matter of seconds. In minutes I am nursing a cup by the window. The night has yet to surrender to dawn. Yet, to tuck itself away partaking in the much needed rest. If you look closely and catch it just right you can the snowflake's form before it dissolves against the glass.

It is the perfect day for cuddling. Her head nestled in that special place. My breathing slow and heart skip a beat so that we in unison. So that we are connected. Connected on the spiritual level, not just the profane, it is perfect morning for loving. A soft slow, lingering turns into a slow grind. To evolves into a breathless gasp that surrenders to a moan. A moan becomes a pant, then a scream, then contentment's sigh is release. Then fall into a deep coma like sleep.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crescent Motel

From my rearview mirror I could see her in the diner window, as I drove off. I couldn't make out her features, but they were burned into memory. My heart was still pounding and my breathing wasn't quite under control. My head was spinning trying to make sense of what just happened. I couldn't believe what she had said. I still feel the heat of her breath on my ear as she whispered.

“I want to suck your big cock”

I never would have dreamed a woman would say something like this to me. To be honest I would never imagined that I would walk up on a couple having sex in a shack in the middle of nowhere. The things she did to that guy's unit …. excited me so much I pulled out my own and started to stroke away. I am 25 years-old and never been with a women. Yeah, that's right a virgin. Hell, not even a blowjob. I suppose I have been close a few times, but never seemed to go my way.

I nearly passed out when she said, “I want you to fuck my breasts and fill my mouth with your sweet cum”

I just sat there staring at her slightly exposed cleavage. There was a gap between them that seemed to be a perfect fit for me. I had reached a a motel at the edge of town. The sign hissed and buzzed, but read Crescent Motel

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The moment had finally arrived. Yes, the eve of our culmination.
No more dreams, unfulfilled fantasies, or sleepless nights yearning.
My god no longer did you have to wonder silently

How it tasted?
How it felt?

Right here, before you in all its glory risen, ready to help to the furthest depths of your desire.

You begin to salivate and your nipples harden.
You try to control your breathing, trying not to seem too eager,
but you can't wait any longer.

Placing it between your breasts, you holding them together.
Eyes closed locked on it as it slides in and out. On every forward thrust you moan softly.
Your head tilts back, eyes close close.
Waves pulse through your body and
you groan deeper.

Gasping, your tongue is folded back as you press it against your teeth.
Moving your breasts up and down, heart pounding, and you lower your head.
Your tongue flicks the tip each time it comes into reach.
Dropping your head lower as he thrusts it further.

Licking ....


On every thrust

with a loud moan you suck the tip hard, as it thrusts in and stays there for a moment

Groaning louder


It tastes Sooo Goood!!!

It feels Sooo Goood!!!!

But DAMN !!!!

You wanted more

sliding your tongue slowly up and down the length. Pausing at the tip. Slowly swirling your tongue around it velvet head. Moaning, savoring every inch.
Deep in your mouth, you suck it

Hearing the groans, you begin massing the sac.
Juices flowing as your lips slide back and forth.
Rubbing your wetness, as you pickup the pace.

The Groan deepen..

Your lips move faster

The moans grow louder....

Your mouth sucks harder

You hear “Oh God!!!!”....

You take it deeper

your body quivering, as you continue
sliding your finger deeper and faster.
The sac tightens, you feel it swell in your mouth, you know it won't be long now

your head bobbing ...

him groaning ...

your juices running...

getting closer the moment that you have been anticipating
its still swelling ...

Now, erupting
you are climaxing

falling back
both of you panting...

Damn, that was


I hear the cries of sadness, from the depths of madness
the pleas of the yearning....
the searching .....
are the loudest

in the bowels of madness, I am bathed in the darkness
I have been here so long, we have become one.

I have become its sun

I can be the thunder beneath your feet, a feeling that pulses through your body like the lightning.

Leaving you quaking...
Yet, most of the time I am nothing, but tender and loving.

Hang on darling this is only the beginning

With a whisper, I come thru the mist of your dreams bringing pleasures that make you scream

My words might seem extreme, but flows from you like a stream.

Your moistness and my hardness unite
your hips bucking...
mine pumping....
on through the night

your body quivers...
your lips shivers...
as you want this feeling to last forever

Gently, I raise your knees, as I continue to please

open legs spread, as I pull you to the edge of the bed

I pump deeper

our bodies sweating so much. You believe that you might have a fever.

You are not sure if my words are truth or legend. But, I know one thing ,
these words are pretty damn hot

Again ...

The creaminess of you allows me to slide in and out with ease.
I feel the walls of your sweetness tightening
It feels so damn good.
I am gripping your ass, as you grind hard against me.

I can feel your warm juices glide down my groin.
Your hands are gripping my shoulders tightly, as you begin to grind harder.
Your eyes are closed and your head is thrown back.
You are in a constant moaning state.

I lean forward and begin licking and sucking your breasts.

To push you further into that state.
The rigidness of your nipples against my tongue pleases me.
I lather your creamy breasts savagely, but with love and tenderness.

Lost in the sensation of how good you taste and feel.
I remember something; I pull from your breasts.
I begin giving long licks, pausing at your ear.
Then suck the bottom of your earlobe gently.

I begin sucking various places on your neck.
I lift you slightly so I can thrust in you deeper.
You clinch my neck as my thrusts quicken.
I can feel your muscles tighten.

You are crying out with each thrust.
Then suddenly you bear down against me.
Your walls constrict around me.
Your body begins to spasm and shakes violently.

You are climaxing so hard. It is so warm and creamy.

I hold you tight until the fury passes.
I lean back against the back of the couch.
I move your sweat-soaked hair back.
I start kissing your face slightly all over the place.

I ask if you are okay.
As I continue to kiss you and stroke your hair.
You seem to be glowing.
You are definitely smiling.

I slide down and we begin a slow passionate kiss.
I slowly begin thrusting inside you with
Long, deep, and passionate strokes.
So I can make you climaxing hard and long again.


I begin sucking your tongue



Then I slide it along your jawline, until I find the tenderness of your earlobe

Licking it…


Sucking it….

Oh Yyyeesss!!!

I breath in your ears a warning. For it has been a long time since I felt your touch.

Lifting your leg, wrapping it around my waist. Sliding my hand down between your legs. I find your moistness and caress the outside.

Forgive Me!!

For I can’t help myself, I whisper as I begin rubbing your clit.

Silent and breathless, your hips begin to move setting the rhythm.

I begin kissing your deeply, while my fingers slide in and out of your moistness.

Your hand glides down my chest pausing at my waistband, then you grab my cock and squeeze. I throw my head back and groan deeply, as your tongue slides down my chin.

I lift you gently burying my head in your bosom

My tongue alternates from breast to breast.

My tongue slides further down until reaches your moist pussy.

I lick it from top to bottom slowly savoring each inch rubbing and squeezing your clit and I lick harder. My tongue and fingers trade places; I begin sucking on your clit hard. My fingers are deep inside your moistness twisting left and right

Sucking, licking in a fashion that could last all night

Your body tightens, then erupts. Your nectar flows into my mouth quenching my thirst.

I suck you dry and lick my lips. I lick you once again just like the first

Your body now softened, your eruption eased

Sliding back, I hope you have been pleased