Thursday, August 14, 2014

I need a favor

She had been tempting me all day in one way or another. The subtle glances, the slow moistening of the lips, the inviting smiles, or the way her hand grazed the outline of her breasts. This woman was driving me crazy and she knew it. I tried every way possible not to be aroused by her, but my attempts were fleeting at best. One of the most sexiest things on a woman is her walk. Trust me when I tell you, she had one of the most sexiest walks I had ever seen. I memorized every shake and shudder of her walk.
"Mr. Scott, is the Rawlins report completed?" a voice asked over my shoulder. I turned to see my supervisor Ms. Carol Downs. She loved to address every one by their last name. I suppose it was something official about it. At any any rate she definitely killed the mood I was in.
"No ma'am, I will have it finished by the end of the day." I replied
She gave a me stern look, as she examined my face. Then she turned her head in the direction of my temptress, then back to me.
"Focus, Mr. Scott ... focus." she replied and then walked away.
Little did she know I was focused, just not on the Rawlins report. I knew how important the report was; so I shifted my thoughts to where they were supposed to be.I dug in and finished the report a little after 5pm. I was sure that Ms. Downs was going to have my ass, but surprising she was pretty cool. It took her about 30 minutes to review the report and made suggestions for improvements for another 20 minutes. I took the report and went back to my desk and started making revisions. She came by and said the revisions could wait until the morning. On my way out, I caught a glance of my temptress in her office. She must have figured everyone was gone. I looked through the glass as she played with herself.
Her sweetness was dripping and her breasts were double d's. I was so caught in the action I didn't even notice when she motioned for me to come inside. She stopped what she was doing and came to the door.
"I need a favor." she stated. i stood there shocked because I had been caught. I mustered out,
"Could you cum on my tits please?"


  1. Little peeping tom! But she handled it well. I almost feel sorry for the guy cause she teased him this entire time, but I think she secretly knew she was...:)

  2. That was an unexpected ending.