Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Will I be able to put desire away for a moment. Will I be able to put it away, as I look into those beautiful eyes. Can I control myself... keep myself from leaning in and tasting the sweetness of those lips. Have their softness melt away my angst, melt away my pain. I'd take my time to explore each inch of her mouth. My hand slowly caressing her skin, as we kiss. Gently brushing her hair behind her ear when we take a break for air. We kiss again; this time passion is intertwined with hunger. This time; we remove the borders and loving comes later.

I can feel my control slipping, as I do yours through your lips. They press firmer against mine in a slow, serious way. Yet they tremble slightly, as if you're not sure if this is what you wanted. Yet you know damn well its what you needed . I dare not stop. I dare not falter. I anxiously await the moments of the next level. Moments where I succumb to desire. Moments of passion that only you can take me. I relinquish my resistance. I surrender myself to you. Take me to esctacy, my love.


  1. Wow. Love this one. Very sensual, very intense, and somehow wonderfully dark despite the very sweet romantic aspects. It's a winner!

  2. How sensual. And underneath a subtle tension that teases me...

  3. excellent tease perfectly written and paced