Thursday, July 24, 2014

DayDream (Excerpt from WIP)

Her knees land softly on a rug. She looked around realizing she is no longer in a parking garage. She is in some sort of cabin with a fireplace roaring. She turned to look for her lover and he is standing in the distance holding his manhood. His sac hangs full inviting her. Teasing her into submission. She lunges forward and take one into her mouth. Her hand stroking his manhood as she sucks his sac. She begins to moan against them. Her free hand dropped to her sweetness and her finger plunge inside.

She become wetter as she hears his groans. Her tongue moves back and forth ensuring every inch is coated. She releases his sac and concentrates on his manhood. She brings the tip level with her mouth. She moistens her lips while gazing at his manhood, as she stroked it slowly. Her sweetness ached, as she darted her tongue around his crown. He groaned as she took most of him in her mouth in a single gulp. Her body was on fire, her nipples tingled, her jaws stretched, and she was on the verge of eruption. She groaned as she watched her lips slip back and forth on his manhood.

He held her head as sucked him and deep. She took him deeper and deeper until his manhood hit the back of her throat. She squeezed her breast, pinching the nipples as an orgasm began to rip through her body. She removed his manhood swallowing the built up saliva, as she rode the orgasm out. He watched her carefully, as her orgasm subsided. Then he playfully began tapping his manhood against cheek and tongue. This excited her pushing her to next level. She began deepthroating him; taking him all the way down every third suck. His head leaned forward and his eyes were closed. He began belting out deep grunts and groans.

She knew it wouldn't be long before he would cum. The salty elixir of his pre cum fueled her frenzy. His manhood throbbed in her mouth. She sucked harder. His head thrown back groaning. She gripped his ass and sucked deeper. Her sweetness was seeping down her legs in anticipation of his eruption. Without pause he began thrusting his hips. Her mouth and jaws ached, but she continued to suck. He lets out a scream...


  1. This is a scorcher, for sure. xo

  2. Very scorching piece Magnus. I'll have to add this to one of my favorites!

  3. Mmm, this is definitely a scorcher. It has to be my favourite one of your work that I've read to date. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. A very interesting spectrum that radiates from your many facets.
    You are a gem my brother to be sure.

  5. This was an graphic eroctic scene. She definitely is aroused by his manhood.

  6. Very erotic taster. Sheer arousal is excellently portrayed