Friday, October 3, 2014

Pillow Talk

She was still taunting me, things continued to sir, as I swallowed hard. From my back I launch a half hearted swing.

“Is that all you got?" she taunted. 

I was caught up in watching her sway back and forth. I begun thinking about nice and naughty things. So I wasn't ready for the combination I received. From the expression on her face I could she was quite pleased with herself. Stupidly, I figured she was going to drop it and I could return to work, then...


Another well placed hit to the head. The shit just got real ...


  1. What fun!!!!!
    You have me over here SMILING King Mangus!
    Hmmmm...The anticipation... what's next?

    You Captivated me and my Friday thoughts!!!
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Keep that brilliant Quill wet... fluffy... and flowing King!
    <3 LJ

  2. Lol, never underestimate a woman ;-)

  3. Loved this playful naughty flash. I think she's in for it, and he'll get his revenge. Sweetly played and fun. :) Great flash.