Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning

I could hear the stir of the fading night and the buzz of the pending dawn. Just inside the silence I felt her shift slightly as her head rested against my chest My member stirred, but I knew no relief. I couldn't ask her to please me. I couldn't ask her a thing. I was supposed to be the perfect gentleman, the perfect host. My member started to ache so I began to stroke it lightly. Hoping not to wake the sleeping beauty. I felt her hand caress my stomach gently. I heard her swallow hard and softly moan. I began to stroke faster. She slid closer and whispered

"Yes, baby. ..stroke it. ..just like that. I want your cum"

Her hand was between her legs. Her moans grew louder. I felt the warmth of her pants on my cock. Her tongue flickered over the head. It pushed me over the edge. I began to cum. I felt her tongue lapping away the cum as it spewed from my cock. Her lips wrapped around the head and nursed the remaining out of my cock. Feeling lifeless and spent she falls back says with a smile

"Good Morning"


  1. Well good morning to you too. You certainly grabbed my attention!. Great tease.

  2. What a sexy way to start the day. Great teaser

  3. I see a definite improvement in your ink, Mangus. There seems to me to be more wonder and feeling than descriptions of she did, I did. This was a very arousing piece, very thoughtful and provocative. I think this is the ideal way to awaken and it was kind of him not to wake her, but isn't he glad that she did. Loved it! xo

  4. Very hot and an excellent way to wake up