Thursday, January 29, 2015

Missed a Spot (WIP)

You look underneath the desk and there is nothing there. So, you pull yourself back up to the desk and resume working. Then you feel it again...You nearly gasp, but you control yourself as you look around the office to see if anyone has noticed. No one has noticed so you continue to work. Then a message pops up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. You don't recognize it, but you know it needs to be opened. You can't risk it just yet, your boss is right there and the guy from accounting department is giving you the eye, watching your every move. Suddenly, you feel it again, you drop your head behind the screen of your computer and grip the corner of your desk. You feel his fingers inside you working in and out. You feel his tongue flickering on your swollen clit. Your mouth drops open, as you release a silent moan. Then just as suddenly as the sensation appeared; its gone. Slowly, the girls come by your desk telling you its time for lunch, but you graciously hold up a  salad and smile. They return your smile and say "stay with it, girl" and leave. Your boss announces he has a meeting and won't back be until late afternoon. Slowly, the office clears out, except for a few remaining die hards. But, they are on the far side of the office and won't see a thing. Now you can open the icon. 

A window opens and there is a single hand waves across the screen. The room spins round and round. When things settle, you are on a desk leaning back on your elbows and your legs are spread wide open. You feel the sensation of the same tongue licking that you felt before. This time the sensation is stronger ..this time the sensation is real. The smell of exhaust and diesel fill your nostrils. You are trying to figure out where you are, but his fingers and tongue distract you. You sit up and push the head away from between your legs. You stare into the eyes of your bearded lover. His beard seems to sparkle a bit from your juices. You smile as you lean forward to taste his lips. He rises up to meet your kiss. At first, it was just lips gently tasting one another. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Arrangment

They had a deal, no emotional attachment. They both had been through the wringer and wanted to feel anything, but the pain they had suffered. At first, it was just conversations on the phone. Then it progressed to late night movies and dinners in private, just the two of them helping each other through the pain. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way she began to matter to him more than she should. Though he was sure she didn't share his feelings, his feelings for her continued to grow. He had given her a key with an open invitation to come to his apartment whenever she wanted, Something he never dreamed she would take him up on. The night had slipped into the arms of the morning. The embrace radiated through the window, wiping away the sleepiness of the night. He walked into the kitchen to begin his morning routine and his life changed before his eyes. On his ratty blue leather couch laid hope, longing and confusion all rolled together in the form of a sleeping beauty. She lay there her back facing him. He wanted to wake her, but she was exposed. He covered her thinking they needed to redefine the terms of their arrangement. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Bike

My father's bike sat undisturbed in the garage. Its red metal gleaming in the evening light, as if it was lonely; begging to be ridden. He didn't ride it anymore because he hurt his leg in the war. He promised it would be mine when I grew into it. However, that would take forever. I put my bike in its proper place in the garage and stood there staring at dad's bike. I stepped closer and rubbed my hand along the seat then gripped the handlebars. I wasn't tall enough to get my leg over the bar, but there was a milk crate in the corner. I grabbed it, climbed up and stretched my leg over pressing my feet against the middle bar until I could reach the seat. I held on to some nearby boxes and let my legs dangle from the seat. If I arched my foot, just right I could hit the pedal and make it spin.



I propped my leg against the boxes so I could put my hands on the handle bars. My small arms barely reached, but it was good enough for the garage. I closed my eyes and imagined riding down the alley towards the park. I waved to my friends as I passed by and they followed on their bikes. I pedaled my heart out, speeding away until their screams became whispers; their faces turned to blurs, and faded into the horizon. The park was a short distance from the neighborhood and all the kids rode there. There was a lake on the far end of the park with a picnic table. I could prop the bike up there and get off. I had a half loaf of stale bread with me and to feed the ducks, as the other riders passed by giggling and laughing among themselves. Soon, my friends would catch up and we could feed the ducks together and watch the sun dance just above the water. I wonder what happens when it touches the water. Does it burns out like fire? is this what happens when the night comes?

"Ollie!" called his mother

"Yes, Mom?" I replied

"Supper" she replied

"I'll be right there" 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What was that ?

It took me a minute to find it, but I did. slowly I walk towards her. From my gaze my intentions were clear. She just stood waiting, subconsciously she moistened her lips. She seemed a bit nervous, but she knew what was about to happen, but not how. Our lips finally met. Our tongue danced as they explored each other's mouths. I could feel her knees weaken, as she grabbed ahold of me. I lifted her and carried her to a nearly table. Our kiss turns searing and passionate. I part her legs and rub her sweetness.  Our kisses breaks, our foreheads touch, as I slide her saturated panties to the side.

My fingers explore the folds of her sweetness. She moaned deeply into my mouth. I felt pressure on my shoulders as she directed me to where she needed me. Happily, I fell to my knees and become intoxicated by her aroma. My tongue teasing her swollen lips and clit. My fingers probed in and out charting new depths. Finally, I wrap lips around her clit, sucking it not too hard, just enough. Her juices coated my fingers and her moans filled my ears. My stiffen tongue replaced my fingers. Her hips grind hard against my mouth. I lap feverishly. I suck relentlessly and wade in the cascades of her nectar.

She panted softly, "What was that?"

My Reply, "tung -po - tiger style"