Thursday, March 20, 2014

Excerpt from Shy's Retreat

A stunning brunette walked through an airport. Turning heads with every seductive step. Finally she reached the airport bar, dropped her bag beside a table and removed her black waist length jacket laying it on the back of a chair. Just as she got settled a waitress came by and took her order. She crossed her legs and leaned back slightly in her chair. If you looked close you could tell that she needed a little vacation. Not a long one just enough to take the edge off. Through her hazel eyes, behind the lavender lens of the sunglasses, she scanned the bar watching the half smiles, winks, and inviting nods while, she nervously played with her necklace.

She pulled her purple cardigan close covering an old “I survived Dover AFB” t-shirt and began recalling the last time she had been on vacation. She had finally met a longtime online friend and they had very interesting and fun filled trip that was entirely too short. The waitress returned with her order and she sipped her Seven and Seven. She looked at her watch and saw that she only had few minutes left to catch her next flight. Excited and anxious she couldn’t wait, she was one flight away from her Aunt Ruby northern California retreat. Her aunt was a free spirit, fun loving, and hyper sexy woman in her mid sixties.

“May have your attention….May have your attention Please!!!!” barked over the airport intercom.

“All flights are canceled due to severe weather……All flights are canceled due to severe weather” intercom continued to bark

“If you have any further questions about rescheduling please consult your airline personnel…thank you for using O’Hare airport.” intercom finished.

She sat shocked, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Before she could really react her phone began to ring.

“Hello.” She said

“Shy, it Aunt Ruby.” the voice asked

"Hey, Auntie!!" Shy hoped her eager cry would cover the disappointment at the canceled flights.

"What's wrong honey, you sound a little down?" Ruby wasn’t one to pussy-foot around. She wanted to know what was up with her niece and she wasn’t going to be steam rolled into believing everything was fine.

"They just canceled all the flights, Aunt Ruby!" Shy replied with sadness at being delayed a reunion with her favorite relative.


  1. I hope flights get running again very soon. I really want to know now, great taster :)

  2. Oh, I can really feel her disappointment! Let's hope she can catch a different flight... Or maybe something better will come along? Nice writing here!

  3. You definitely capture the need for release and consequent disappointment here. The delayed flight has set her up for what, exactly?

  4. Aunt Ruby has captured my attention. She's intuitive and appears to have a wild twist opposing her age. Don't leave me here. I hope you continue. I want to know what happens next. Does she hook up with someone in the airport?

  5. Forgot to compliment you on this outstanding phrase that summarizes the whole setting in the airport. "Turning heads with every seductive step."

  6. Ok this taster had my imagination running all over the place. Just when I was counting down to meeting Aunt Ruby, the weather turned for the worst. Wild hypersexy Aunt Ruby... I definitely want to read some more.
    Very well written.

  7. Love her name and I can't wait to read more! Great Taster.