Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Moment

The morning had begun like it had so many times before. The slow transition from darkness to grey, the silent magical collision that makes the sky blue. You hear the rush of the cars outside, the hush of life down below. You walk out onto your terrace to stare at nothing in particular. Just sit and stare, to be apart of something more than yourself. You hear fingers dancing along the ivory and black keys. Their sound takes you somewhere, someplace better than where you are. You began to glide your bow and across the strings, playing along with the ivory. Then you glance down as you play. You see her standing there, immersed in the moment you helped create. She is natural, her beauty accompanies what is being played. She's just standing there looking off into the morning, nursing her coffee. Nothing is more real than this moment. Nothing can truly describe what is seen. Nothing can describe what is felt. The fingers dancing on the ivory, your bow gliding across the strings and her standing, soaking it all in. We close our eyes, dive deeper in the magic. Everything around is drowned out. Everything else fades. We simply appreciate the moment. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Late for work

It has been a rough couple of weeks between my lady and I. Let me just say sexually I haven't been on the top of my game. Which translated into solo dinners and waking up to an empty bed. During my morning shower, I decided to take matters into my own hands. No way would it be a replacement, but it would keep me from killing someone in frustration. Then the shower curtain opened and she was standing there naked. 

"Hi" she muttered before smashing her lips to mine. 

I responded, looks like I'm going to be late to work.


Ever since last weeks mishap at the castle, I have been getting the cold shoulder from my girlfriend. This week I was to meet her at an art gallery. I noticed this peculiar exhibit with models covered in body paint. I stood there watching the patrons comment about how beautiful they were. I noticed one of them was my girlfriend. So after the exhibit she dragged me into the back room. I thought she was going to take a shower, but she didn't 

"Take me!" she exclaimed 

I couldn't believe her request, I responded without thinking,"Seriously?"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Draft (WIP)

This is my life. The stench of stale beer and urine nearly knocked me on my ass, as I took out the trash to the alley behind my bar. My bar served as the watering hole for some of the best writers. There is no telling who you might see here. It was nothing for a Pulitzer winner to be tucked in a dark corner nursing a pint. I was told once; they come here because they can be normal people, no one hounding them for autographs or any of usual things that happen when they frequent other bars. This made me happy to hear, because it was a goal I had in mind when I bought the place ten years ago. As a writer I know what it’s like to be hounded by a fan or need a break from my own mind. The Double Down, DD’s as many called it, was the spot the writer-types hung out. It was a place to come to get over the “the block” or drink enough until you forgot all about it. DD’s was also was the spot to come to after the “The Draft”

Other than being published, the draft was the most important event in the writing community. It was held once a year, it was the event where the most talented writers were paired with their muse in hopes to create the greatest literary offerings. Yes I know, that most you think “muses” are fictional creatures or figment of writer’s imagination, but I here to tell you they are very real. The draft was by invitation only. So I got my invitation in 1969.  I was basically an unknown with a whole lot of lightning and very little thunder. I got a few looks from some of the muses; none of them were willing to take the chance on me. So I figured with some old fashioned hard work and a bit of luck I’d picked up in one of the following drafts.

However, I found out, while drowning my sorrows, you only get one shot in a lifetime. If you were passed over, it’s time to start work at the mill or die from a paper cut at some insurance company, very disappointing news. I was pathetic and shattered, when a drink slid my way with a note.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Good Morning

I could hear the stir of the fading night and the buzz of the pending dawn. Just inside the silence I felt her shift slightly as her head rested against my chest My member stirred, but I knew no relief. I couldn't ask her to please me. I couldn't ask her a thing. I was supposed to be the perfect gentleman, the perfect host. My member started to ache so I began to stroke it lightly. Hoping not to wake the sleeping beauty. I felt her hand caress my stomach gently. I heard her swallow hard and softly moan. I began to stroke faster. She slid closer and whispered

"Yes, baby. ..stroke it. ..just like that. I want your cum"

Her hand was between her legs. Her moans grew louder. I felt the warmth of her pants on my cock. Her tongue flickered over the head. It pushed me over the edge. I began to cum. I felt her tongue lapping away the cum as it spewed from my cock. Her lips wrapped around the head and nursed the remaining out of my cock. Feeling lifeless and spent she falls back says with a smile

"Good Morning"

Friday, September 5, 2014

Really ?

Every friday I'm told where to meet her. Well, this friday we were meeting at a castle. When I found her she was ready. I must admit it was something kinky about the whole affair so I was game. She started sucking me and every thing was going well until I looked up and this picture of this guy over the fireplace. Then it happened, I went limp.

"What's going?" she asked

"The picture." I said and pointed.

She turned and looked, then said, "You are supposed to be concentrating, but NO!!! All I get is a limp noodle. Really?" 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Villa (WIP)

Author Note: Some time ago I was invited to participate in the development of an erotic novel. Due to life I haven't been able to give it a proper consideration until recently. Initially, I thought the scope of my participation would be advisory, however I have coaxed into becoming one of the main writers. So I am presenting a bit of a scene I am currently working on. This is a little bit out of my wheel house because I am coming from the female prospective. Please tell me if I got it right or even close...

He had no idea what he was doing to me. His dick was buried so deeply in my pussy. My arm pinned behind my back while he pumped ferociously. I loved it when the beast came out of him. I was lost in bewilderment of this loving and tender man who made love to him so passionately, now taking me like a wanton beast. My head pulled back, my mouth gaped open, and breast bouncing to every stroke. I knew it wouldn’t long before he would fill my waiting pussy with his cum. I knew this was just the beginning of our lovemaking. In my heart I knew this would go on for years to come. I loved this man with every fiber of my being and I had to make sure he knew it. The memory of his sweet, tangy cum filled my thoughts. I kept thinking how much I wanted all over my face and breasts. I cupped my breast with my free hand. My nipples are rock hard. His thrusts have become deeper and harder. It won’t be
long before he explodes. I have to make my move now.

I pull off his cock and sit at the edge of the bed. His cock is glistening from my juices. His balls are tight and he is harder than ever before. I look up into eyes, as I begin to stroke him. I lick away the pre-cum. He begins to groan loudly as I begin to nurse the head. I swirl my tongue around the tip as I continue to stroke him with both hands. His head is thrown back and he is gripping the foot board. I need him to cum. I lift up his cock and suck his sac while stroking him. He is groaning even louder. His groans send me into a frenzy. I take him into my mouth. It drives me crazy how he feels in my mouth. I begin sucking him with all that I am worth. I take him deeper until he hits the back of my throat. The sensation pushes me over the edge. An orgasm rips through my body, but I keep my lips firmly wrapped around his dick. I force his dick pass the gagging point and take all the way into my mouth. His aroma is intoxicating, as my nose is nestled in his groin.

His dick is swelling. He grips my head and began fucking my throat. My mouth is stretched to its limits and my jaws ache. He body stiffens and shakes. I release him from mouth and stroke him. My tongue is going crazy on his head. He unleashes a final groan and starts to cum. I began cumming immediately as the first splash hits my face. Splash after splash of warm cum coats my face and cheeks. His body begins to jerk as the final spurt lands on my tongue. I squeeze his sac trying to get the remaining cum, as I nurse the head. Max falls on to the bed spent and satisfied. I rub the dropping over my breasts and scoop the remnants into my mouth.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Breaking the Rules

Today was difficult to come up a photo in order to meet the challenge, but Naomi sent me a little number that got my creative juices flowing. So here is a dual photo Tantalizing Tuesday ... I hope you enjoy  

I did my best not to be mad at her, but she knew the rules. There were to be no interruptions while I was creating in my office. Never had she broken the rules before. She walked in wearing that simple black number that pleased me. I wondered what she wanted. I wondered what she needed. Maybe it was just to tempt me with those full luscious lips. Shivers went down my spine as they pressed against my neck.

didn't take long to figure out what she wanted. Her dark eyes hypnotized me. She walked over to the basin and leaned against it.

“Naomi, sent me. She said I need to be punished I have been a bad girl.” I did my best not to be tempted by this, but the bulge in my slacks betrayed my thoughts. She saw it and smiled. She lifted herself onto the basin and raised her legs. Spread her lips with her fingers inviting me to taste.

“I am ready for my lashings. 40 I think.”  
You may need more “

I drop to my knees the aroma is intoxicating. Each lick she shuddered. I continued licking.  Such a bad girl…