Thursday, April 30, 2015

Eruption was eminent

Our friction continued to build as she leaned back. Her hands gripped each side of my torn shirt. We hadn't taken the time to get fully undressed. Sweat splashed in my face from her drenched hair slinging side to side. She rode me harder and harder with each pump. Our breathing was definitely labored, but neither one of us cared much.

For at this moment we were trapped inside a breathless gasp of ecstasy. Her body tightened as she rose up nearly coming completely off my cock. Letting out a shriek of passion....I could feel the warmth of her orgasm glide down my cock. I pulled her hips down on to me thrusting relentless hoping to intensify her orgasm. I suppose she could feel my cock begin to swell because began riding it harder and faster until I couldn't hold back anymore. I plunged my cock deep inside her. Our bodies stiffened and jerked until the orgasm subsided. Slowly she removed herself off my cock, lowering herself from between my legs. First, I resisted spreading my legs because I wasn't sure if I could handle anything more. She covered me with gentle kisses and light licks that could have parted the Red Sea. She slowly worked her way to my sac and began to massage them. Quick, light licks on each ball made my body jerk. I was torn between wanting her to stop, but I so desperately needing her to continue.

She lifted up my cock and slowly licked its length. Her eyes locked on mine. I began to drown in the sensuality of her gaze. I shuttered as her lips moved to gently touch my cheeks, nose, and earlobe, as she stroked me. The warmth of her breath sent a surge through every orifice of my body as she seductively whispered her intent in my ear. My pounding heart skipped and my breathing labored as her tongue traced the outline of my ear. My lover’s strokes continued with meaning and purpose. Each stroke took me closer and closer to the brink. I could see that she was biting down firmly on her bottom lip. Groaning and exhaling through her nose as she stroked slow and deliberate. Pre-cum had begun to form and my resistance was dwindling each moment. Her tongue began to dart and flicker all the head of my cock. Eruption was eminent…

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Haze

The darkness rolled in with a fury on the backs of the clouds. The wind began to howl, rattling the windows and slamming the shutters against the house. The scent of rain filled the room, but nay drop fell. The flame of the candle flickers in its aqua container, illuminating the room with its aura. His books stacked perfectly, each one resting on another, interlocked forming a barrier around him. Their spines spoke the tales within. Each tale blends with the next, filling his mind, filling his soul, like a lullaby. Slowly he begins to drift off into a haze, slowly he becomes its passenger, and slowly he becomes its spectator. He feels the warmth of her breath on his face, so soothing. He feels her soft, wet lips gently press against his cheek, pressing him deeper into the haze. A strand of her hair brushes across his brow, wiping away the doubt. Deeper he drifts. Deeper into the haze. Sometimes in the words of others, we somehow …somehow we find our own 

Friday, April 17, 2015


I was young when I learned the Quill controlled me, I didn't control the Quill. We would sit and silently stare into the nothingness. A smile slowly creeps onto our face, a woman standing on the isle. Her body and soul captured in the melody of the sea that surrounds. We are dreaming the things we dream in the daytime. Our lover walks into the room, watching us smile and asks “What is it?” We are slightly startled because we didn't hear them come in. With a slight smile, as we’re pulled back from our special world. And simply say, “Nothing.” 

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Kiss

It was about an hour to get to her. An about hour I would be swallowing a drove of unspoken emotions I would get each time I took one look at her face. As I traveled across the asphalt ocean, I could see us sitting in the flower garden, talking about nothing in particular, just there spending time together. I longed to have the courage say what was on my heart. To tell her tonight we should surrender to passion. The passion that brews from a kiss. A rogue kiss where our tongues tangled and our lips explore one another.