Thursday, July 31, 2014

DayDream Act II (WIP)

He watched her hardening nipples stretch the material of her nightie. His mouth began to water, as he watched her slowly begin to please herself. He was sure she had done this before, but never in front of him. He listened to his wife's breathing become labored, as her fingers probed deeper and her legs spread wider. He leaned back against the arm of the couch and enjoyed the show. Flashes started filling his mind about things he would like to do with her. He thought about the different places within the house where he could attempt to tame her lust. He wondered if she were on the kitchen table with his head between her thighs, would this please her? If his tongue fluttered around her swollen clit, then slid up and down those swollen lips, would she be pleased? Perhaps, she was envisioning him pulling her to the edge of the table and filling her with his hardness, pumping and thrusting until the room was flooded with their united pant. He sat there in his thoughts, thinking how corniness truly had no bounds when you are horny. He sat there shaking his head, thankful she couldn't hear his thoughts.
He stood taking in every inch, every moment of this glorious sight. His rigid hardness in his hand being stroked furiously. Her eyes open, her mouth gaped open slightly. Her fingers working in overdrive. Her sweetness was so wet it had begun to speak in that mystic tongue which commands obediance. Her eyes locked on him in disbelief. His actions made her even hotter. Her eyes pleaded for him to come closer. They pleaded for him to release his nectar all over her. He surrendered to her request and stroked faster. He couldn't make up his mind where to cum. It was such a hard decision, on her big beautiful breasts, her inviting mouth, or within the caverns of her sweetness.
Instead, he dropped to his knees, slowly began licking up and down her thighs. She spread her legs wider inviting him inside. Her fingers stoked the fire which raged within her. He licked his way closer to sweetness, its sweet aroma put him into a trance. Her fingers rubbed her swollen clit, she cooed from the attention. Now, inches away from this delicious feast, he could barely contain himself. He pressed his lips against the swollen lips.


  1. WoW, Mangus. The build up was unnerving. I wished I could read faster and faster to match the tempo. Wonderfully erotic take on a very private moment. Yummy. xo

  2. I loved the beginning, slow and sensual!

  3. Very SSSexy and SSSenSual. Love it!