Saturday, March 8, 2014


The moment had finally arrived. Yes, the eve of our culmination.
No more dreams, unfulfilled fantasies, or sleepless nights yearning.
My god no longer did you have to wonder silently

How it tasted?
How it felt?

Right here, before you in all its glory risen, ready to help to the furthest depths of your desire.

You begin to salivate and your nipples harden.
You try to control your breathing, trying not to seem too eager,
but you can't wait any longer.

Placing it between your breasts, you holding them together.
Eyes closed locked on it as it slides in and out. On every forward thrust you moan softly.
Your head tilts back, eyes close close.
Waves pulse through your body and
you groan deeper.

Gasping, your tongue is folded back as you press it against your teeth.
Moving your breasts up and down, heart pounding, and you lower your head.
Your tongue flicks the tip each time it comes into reach.
Dropping your head lower as he thrusts it further.

Licking ....


On every thrust

with a loud moan you suck the tip hard, as it thrusts in and stays there for a moment

Groaning louder


It tastes Sooo Goood!!!

It feels Sooo Goood!!!!

But DAMN !!!!

You wanted more

sliding your tongue slowly up and down the length. Pausing at the tip. Slowly swirling your tongue around it velvet head. Moaning, savoring every inch.
Deep in your mouth, you suck it

Hearing the groans, you begin massing the sac.
Juices flowing as your lips slide back and forth.
Rubbing your wetness, as you pickup the pace.

The Groan deepen..

Your lips move faster

The moans grow louder....

Your mouth sucks harder

You hear “Oh God!!!!”....

You take it deeper

your body quivering, as you continue
sliding your finger deeper and faster.
The sac tightens, you feel it swell in your mouth, you know it won't be long now

your head bobbing ...

him groaning ...

your juices running...

getting closer the moment that you have been anticipating
its still swelling ...

Now, erupting
you are climaxing

falling back
both of you panting...

Damn, that was

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