Friday, April 18, 2014

Excerpt from Shy's Retreat pt 3 (WIP)

Moments later, they arrived at the hotel. As expected, she was whisked away upon arrival. She was escorted to her room and she stood out of the way while watching the attendants work. They buzzed around making sure everything was in its proper place. Some would check to see if there was anything in particular she wanted. She smiled and said no. Just as suddenly as they arrived they vanished.

She poured herself a drink and sat on the bed with her legs crossed, the left leg bouncing slowly. She held her drink by her fingertips. Shy sat staring blankly at the floor while she tried to wrap her head around what was happening. It appeared her vacation was shot to hell. Deeply she exhaled, as she thought about being a wife and mother. Though, both were a blessing, they come with a cost. She couldn't remember the last time she had time to herself. She smiled softly, as she recalled the sounds of her bunch ripping and running through the house,. creating the havoc that comes with raising a family. Something they conveniently left out of the mommy magazines. Her smile deepens realizing it was one of the greatest sounds she ever heard.

The silence seeped back into her consciousness, slow and steady. Shy sipped the drink while looking around the room. Now, realizing just how badly she needed this break she took another drink, closing her eyes, as it burned its way to her stomach. The drink was a bit strong, yet it was just right. She sat the drink on the table by the door. She pulled some stories from her bag she intended read and threw them on the bed. She got things situated by the bed and laid down.

She flipped through the stories and decided on reading a one by her friend Mangus. She had known him for years. Mangus was a bit of a goof ball, but a decent enough fellow. She really enjoyed reading his work, but he couldn't seem to get this one right. She decided to read the story through before making notes. Shy sub consciously licked her lips. This version had a different feel to it. Her soaked panties confirmed that. She wasn't sure if it was from the alcohol or the tale. She giggled a bit because it didn't matter which.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


My hands slid down the contours of her body. Slowly, feeling every inch, blemish, bump, pimple...sure perfection. My mouth began salivating in anticipation of the moment when the magic begins. The moment when she allows me to nurse and rub her. The moment when that spot is glazed with the mixture of my saliva and her nectar. Then I long for her sweetness to tighten around my member. Milking out every ounce of life force. Mmmmm....I can't wait...

Our foreheads are fused from the heat. Slowly, she slides up and down, pausing on the downstroke. She rocks side to side. The walls of her sweetness tightens. Our sweat is pouring, as the friction of this carnal endeavor escalates. Her grip my shoulders. Her nails tear into my flesh. Her eyes are closed.
Her head is tilted to one side. Her face is coated with tiny beads of sweat, sweat drips from her lips as she whispers “That's it !!! That's it !!!”

Her body tightened, but her movements were steady. My hands gripped her ass, burying myself to the hilt. My back was arched. My head rested on the sofa. My teeth had a firm grip on my bottom lips.
I didn't think she had a clue how badly I needed to cum. Perhaps, she did and that was the point

Friday, April 11, 2014

Swive - Flash Friday Fiction

My tongue glided across her skin. Tracing every curve and every inch. My eye's were closed as the feel of her skin painted an image in my mind . So soft, so tender. It had a taste I couldn't describe, but it was the best thing I have ever tasted. Her hips gave me a hard, heavy, profound grind that meant business. My face nuzzled in the space between her breasts and abdomen. She leaned back in a gasp. I lunged forward pulling her tighter in my grasp as we began to swive.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Excerpt from WIP Dire Lake

Here is an excerpt from another one of my short tales....  I hope you enjoy


As I pulled up, I noticed an old pickup packed on the edge of the road leading to the cabin. I parked beside it and got out. I called out several times, but got no answer. I started up the road, which was about two miles long and ended at the stream. The cabin sat off to the left. As I got close to the cabin I noticed the door was cracked. I heard some sounds coming from inside the cabin. I crept around the outside of the cabin. There was an old bench that ran underneath the window. I stood on the bench, but I couldn't get a good look into the window. I stepped down and grabbed an chair that had been there as long as I could remember. Carefully, I placed the chair on the bench. I wiped off the window and could see a woman reading a book. I stood watching her read and then noticed her hand was buried in her panties.

I had never watched anyone masturbate before. I kept thinking I should be ashamed, but I wasn't. I stood there watching this woman please herself. Then, the book fell to the floor. She began squirming in the chair. I could see her hand working in and out of her pussy. She was squeezing one of her breasts. Her tongue moistened her lips and she was gasping a little. I was becoming insanely excited. I was rubbing my cock through my jeans. She had both of her breasts out and her tongue flickered across a nipple. She brought her breasts closer. She was licking and sucking her nipples, while her hand worked like a piston in her panties. I was stroking now. I couldn't remember when I had been so turned on. By the looks of it, both of us were about to explode. I wondered who would be first.

I lost my footing on the chair and fell into the wall. I didn’t know what was worse, my cock hanging out of pants or me falling off the chair. I climbed back up and looked through the window and she was gone. Just then I realized, I was about to be caught. I shoved my cock back in my pants and jumped down off the chair. I turned to start running towards the woods; I felt a sharp pain and everything went black.