Friday, September 5, 2014

Really ?

Every friday I'm told where to meet her. Well, this friday we were meeting at a castle. When I found her she was ready. I must admit it was something kinky about the whole affair so I was game. She started sucking me and every thing was going well until I looked up and this picture of this guy over the fireplace. Then it happened, I went limp.

"What's going?" she asked

"The picture." I said and pointed.

She turned and looked, then said, "You are supposed to be concentrating, but NO!!! All I get is a limp noodle. Really?" 


  1. This was a very clever take on the photo. And funny!! Bravo, Mangus! xo

  2. HilARIOUS! I love then twistn at the end. Well-done.

  3. Love the playfulness and humor. I def want to know more about this castle adventure. Great flash!