Thursday, June 12, 2014

Writer's Block (WIP) part 2

I nod, breathing hard as I run my fingers through her hair
"Really?, this hard cock is mine?" She remarked licking her and continuing to stroke me to a new level.
“So hard....” she continues, exhaling through her teeth, licking your lips slowly, and then lets out devilish giggle.
Then she moved around in front of me on her knees. She removed her glasses and laid them on the table. She opened her mouth wide taking me into her mouth. She took over half of him in a single gulp and stopped. She closed her lips around my cock letting it just sit in her mouth. She sucked softly. She adjusted herself a bit and spread her legs wider. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Then she begin to lick the length slowly. Long licks like she licking her favorite ice cream cone. I shuddered as she gently nursed the head. Then she took me back in her mouth. This time taking as much as she could. She lips  shuddered as her mouth adjusted. She brace herself as she gripped by the base of my cock to take me deeper.
As her nose nestled nicely in my pubic hair. She released me to catch her breath. She wrappedd away the excess saliva from her lips as she continued to stroke me. Then she began sucking again. She spit on my cock only to suck up the saliva I was still in her mouth. She groan loud and began moaning as she sucked. I saw her hands slid down between her legs. SHe begin rubbing herselff and sucking me in unison. I could barely hold on. It felt so good. She looked so hot sucking me. She graoned again as she buried her nose again in my pubic hair. I held it there for a moment.  Her eyes began to water and I released her head. She was panting trying to regain her composure. She looked at me with those deep beautiful eyes stroking and squeezing my cock hard.
"Cum for me" she said
I stared at her nearly ready to burst.
She nodded her head and repeated her request, "Right here" She instructed with her mouth open.