Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Breaking the Rules

Today was difficult to come up a photo in order to meet the challenge, but Naomi sent me a little number that got my creative juices flowing. So here is a dual photo Tantalizing Tuesday ... I hope you enjoy  

I did my best not to be mad at her, but she knew the rules. There were to be no interruptions while I was creating in my office. Never had she broken the rules before. She walked in wearing that simple black number that pleased me. I wondered what she wanted. I wondered what she needed. Maybe it was just to tempt me with those full luscious lips. Shivers went down my spine as they pressed against my neck.

didn't take long to figure out what she wanted. Her dark eyes hypnotized me. She walked over to the basin and leaned against it.

“Naomi, sent me. She said I need to be punished I have been a bad girl.” I did my best not to be tempted by this, but the bulge in my slacks betrayed my thoughts. She saw it and smiled. She lifted herself onto the basin and raised her legs. Spread her lips with her fingers inviting me to taste.

“I am ready for my lashings. 40 I think.”  
You may need more “

I drop to my knees the aroma is intoxicating. Each lick she shuddered. I continued licking.  Such a bad girl… 


  1. That is a truly provocative photo. Lovely piece. Bad girls should indeed be punished. It looks as though she feels she has been much worse than she originally admitted to Naomi. Delightful! What good disciplinarians you and Naomi are between you both. Glad you wrote the teaser. It was surely worth the wait. xo

  2. Great Flash :-) Loved the Naomi reference, lol.

  3. Bad girls definitely need to be punished. Glad you were inspired. Great teaser

  4. I like how you tied the reference to Naomi sending her as did Naomi send the picture. Yes, she's a bad girl, nicely teasing him.