Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Whisper Journal part 2

January 13th , Monday

True to winter, a path was cleared only to be covered again with fresh snow. I had trouble winding donw from the show. Power surged through my being, my heart pounded, my thoughts raced. In this moment nothing is more real to me. Nothing seemed clearer. Then in a blink, everything was broken. Tiny schards glistened in brillance on the covered streets. I am frozen, petrified like a manniequin behind tempered glass. I hear the fingers dancing gracefully along the ivory. Forming a tune from the nothingness note by note.

Simply she lay on the silk, with a silent, but serious invitation. Then I had a moment. A moment of reflection. Oh how, I loved the snow when I was young. My body seemed to have its own heat source, as if it ran off the energy of the sun or perhaps, siphoned energy energy from the children around me. This would explain a few things. The sudden collapses in the drifts from exhaustion. We'd play for hours, our feet numb, fingers tingling to the point of pain. Yet, our hearrts were filled with laughter and joy. Then I discovered girls and shit went downhill from there.


  1. Excellent tease. You write with such description the words help to paint a perfect picture

  2. Quite a tease, and I love the pic :-)

  3. This is a real good piece Magnus. I'm now interested to know more from there.

  4. Excellent writing. The detail, the words, and images described each fast second paced scene you wrote;