Friday, June 27, 2014

The Magician

I had asked her to come give me hand on a story I was working on. When she arrived, she looked a little worse for wears, but I continued working sliding a draft over to her.

“Now that I am here, what do you want?” she asked

“Stroke my cock” I replied jokingly, not even looking up as I said it.

She whirled my chair around and began doing so. I gripped my chair as she began smacking it against her tongue. I gasped repeatedly as she made appear and reappear effortlessly like a Magician ….

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Whisper Journal part 2

January 13th , Monday

True to winter, a path was cleared only to be covered again with fresh snow. I had trouble winding donw from the show. Power surged through my being, my heart pounded, my thoughts raced. In this moment nothing is more real to me. Nothing seemed clearer. Then in a blink, everything was broken. Tiny schards glistened in brillance on the covered streets. I am frozen, petrified like a manniequin behind tempered glass. I hear the fingers dancing gracefully along the ivory. Forming a tune from the nothingness note by note.

Simply she lay on the silk, with a silent, but serious invitation. Then I had a moment. A moment of reflection. Oh how, I loved the snow when I was young. My body seemed to have its own heat source, as if it ran off the energy of the sun or perhaps, siphoned energy energy from the children around me. This would explain a few things. The sudden collapses in the drifts from exhaustion. We'd play for hours, our feet numb, fingers tingling to the point of pain. Yet, our hearrts were filled with laughter and joy. Then I discovered girls and shit went downhill from there.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dining In

I had been with my girlfriend for years, so random blowjobs in the car had turned to blowjobs on special occasions.  So, you can imagine the surprise when I woke up to her swallowing my cock She savored every inch, licking, spitting,  slurping until she drained me. She glistened with satisfaction, giggling.  I heard a noise from workers next door. There was a well built dark skinned Adonis, whose muscles rippled as he worked. She hummed while glancing out the window. My sister always said. It doesn't matter where you get your appetite. ...As long as you eat at home

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where the Blackbird sings...(WIP)

The ice was perched in the corner of the window. The panes rattled from the wind. The candle's flame danced in the reflection. Yet, there was stillness outside that only the cold brings. Nothing moving, not a stir, just the glow of the predator's stare from the shadows. He could see me just as well as I could see him. Mother's cough perforated the silence. This was a bad one; you could tell by the sound it was down deep. She had barely moved in the last couple days. Her skin had become a ghastly pale shade. The Doctor had stopped by earlier in the day we lived on his to town. His expression didn't look good, but remarks were hopeful. Mother was tough and had made it through some of the toughest times life had to offer. I just hoped she could find a bit rest in her sleep. I pulled my blanket tight as the window's rattle and the wind's howl served as a lullaby.

With a nudge from Butchy, a well seasoned mix breed, woke me. His tired bloodshot eyes looked like I felt. It was time to let him out to stretch his legs. He had been on guard all night by Mother's side. I opened the door and he was on his way. There was a chill in the room. The fire had burned down. I put some wood on the fire and stirred things up. I stood silently staring into Mother's room. I just waited to see if there any movements. She lay there so still. I started towards the room when turned onto her side. I exhaled slowly and headed to the stove to make some coffee. Than I heard a single bark from Butchy and a scratch at the door. Butchy only scratched at the door when there was trouble. I looked out the door to a car coming towards the house. It would be hear pretty quick, it was just enough time to get the scatter gun and gather some rounds.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Writer's Block (WIP) part 2

I nod, breathing hard as I run my fingers through her hair
"Really?, this hard cock is mine?" She remarked licking her and continuing to stroke me to a new level.
“So hard....” she continues, exhaling through her teeth, licking your lips slowly, and then lets out devilish giggle.
Then she moved around in front of me on her knees. She removed her glasses and laid them on the table. She opened her mouth wide taking me into her mouth. She took over half of him in a single gulp and stopped. She closed her lips around my cock letting it just sit in her mouth. She sucked softly. She adjusted herself a bit and spread her legs wider. I couldn't believe how good it felt. Then she begin to lick the length slowly. Long licks like she licking her favorite ice cream cone. I shuddered as she gently nursed the head. Then she took me back in her mouth. This time taking as much as she could. She lips  shuddered as her mouth adjusted. She brace herself as she gripped by the base of my cock to take me deeper.
As her nose nestled nicely in my pubic hair. She released me to catch her breath. She wrappedd away the excess saliva from her lips as she continued to stroke me. Then she began sucking again. She spit on my cock only to suck up the saliva I was still in her mouth. She groan loud and began moaning as she sucked. I saw her hands slid down between her legs. SHe begin rubbing herselff and sucking me in unison. I could barely hold on. It felt so good. She looked so hot sucking me. She graoned again as she buried her nose again in my pubic hair. I held it there for a moment.  Her eyes began to water and I released her head. She was panting trying to regain her composure. She looked at me with those deep beautiful eyes stroking and squeezing my cock hard.
"Cum for me" she said
I stared at her nearly ready to burst.
She nodded her head and repeated her request, "Right here" She instructed with her mouth open.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Writer's Block (WIP)

The funny thing about writer’s block is that it attacks right in the middle of a good session. Everything is going rather smooth. Then you’re slightly distracted and it is over. It’s kind of like when say the wrong thing to your girlfriend and gives you a look and the rest is history. This time the block was pretty heavy. None of the usual tricks and methods that I use to break it were working. I heard a noise I looked out the window I one the neighbor tyrants in my yard. I opened the door and stared at him like a crazy man. The basketball had rolled underneath my truck and the tyrant was crawling under my trunk to get it. My instinct was to yell at him and scared the piss of him. However, I resisted and walked outside to see if I could help. The ball had got caught underneath my oil pan. I jumped in the trunk and moved about 10 feet closer to the house. That did it the ball was loose and the tyrant grabbed the ball and ran off.
He turned around and yelled back “Thanks, Mr. M” 

I couldn’t believe that was the first they said something other than a profanity in months. I looked up and shot me the bird as he jumped on his back and pedaled off. I really considered chasing his sorry little ass, but I looked down at my fading gut and bare feet and figured that it wouldn’t be worth it. So I took off after him, four blocks, six yards, and at least seven rather large dogs later I decided to quit. While standing there panting like a fool, I yelped out “You little fucker, when I catch you I will dip your head in a thousand empty toilets”. Yeah, so I am a little rusty on the whole insult thing. I turned started back home. The neighbors were standing in their yards shaking their heads …..Sighing.
I finally got back to my yard and drug my tired ass back in the house. The phone rang.

“Hello.” I answered
“Man, you aren’t going to believe this shit!” Zeke replied.
Zeke is my right hand man who I trust with my most secret of secrets.

“What?” I replied
“Eartha Kitt is dead!” He said
“Do Not Be Fucking with me, man!!!... You know that’s my girl!” I warned
“Channel 5, mother-fucker …channel 5!” then he hung up

I turned on the news and heard the broadcast. Shocked I fell in my chair. My head was hanging not really understanding what just happened. I couldn’t believe this shit, the original Catwoman…man. My cock started to get hard as I began remembering her running around in that skin tight leather suit. I swallowed hard and licked my lips as the vision of her crawling on all fours, looking thirty different ways of hot played vividly in my mind. Then I begin imagining you in that skin tight leather suit crawling towards me ……slowly…..seductively. I undid my pants and removed my cock and stroking as the image played in mind. I was sitting there stroking; as my girlfriend came through the front door. 

She was dressed in a baggy sweater and jeans. She had a weary appearance from traveling, but she looked so damn hot. She managed a smile, as she began to walk towards me. She leaned in a gave me a tender kiss. I close my eyes and inhale her scent. She had an evil little grin on her face as she moved my hand from my cock. She replaced it with hers stroking slow and deliberate. We begin kissing again deeply. Our tongues dance to their own song as she stroked me still. 

We break our kiss our foreheads touching, panting trying to catch our breath I mutter" I missed you" She smiled and kiss me tenderly, then looked down at my cock and said " Is this for me baby?"