Saturday, March 8, 2014


I begin sucking your tongue



Then I slide it along your jawline, until I find the tenderness of your earlobe

Licking it…


Sucking it….

Oh Yyyeesss!!!

I breath in your ears a warning. For it has been a long time since I felt your touch.

Lifting your leg, wrapping it around my waist. Sliding my hand down between your legs. I find your moistness and caress the outside.

Forgive Me!!

For I can’t help myself, I whisper as I begin rubbing your clit.

Silent and breathless, your hips begin to move setting the rhythm.

I begin kissing your deeply, while my fingers slide in and out of your moistness.

Your hand glides down my chest pausing at my waistband, then you grab my cock and squeeze. I throw my head back and groan deeply, as your tongue slides down my chin.

I lift you gently burying my head in your bosom

My tongue alternates from breast to breast.

My tongue slides further down until reaches your moist pussy.

I lick it from top to bottom slowly savoring each inch rubbing and squeezing your clit and I lick harder. My tongue and fingers trade places; I begin sucking on your clit hard. My fingers are deep inside your moistness twisting left and right

Sucking, licking in a fashion that could last all night

Your body tightens, then erupts. Your nectar flows into my mouth quenching my thirst.

I suck you dry and lick my lips. I lick you once again just like the first

Your body now softened, your eruption eased

Sliding back, I hope you have been pleased

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