Saturday, March 8, 2014

Again ...

The creaminess of you allows me to slide in and out with ease.
I feel the walls of your sweetness tightening
It feels so damn good.
I am gripping your ass, as you grind hard against me.

I can feel your warm juices glide down my groin.
Your hands are gripping my shoulders tightly, as you begin to grind harder.
Your eyes are closed and your head is thrown back.
You are in a constant moaning state.

I lean forward and begin licking and sucking your breasts.

To push you further into that state.
The rigidness of your nipples against my tongue pleases me.
I lather your creamy breasts savagely, but with love and tenderness.

Lost in the sensation of how good you taste and feel.
I remember something; I pull from your breasts.
I begin giving long licks, pausing at your ear.
Then suck the bottom of your earlobe gently.

I begin sucking various places on your neck.
I lift you slightly so I can thrust in you deeper.
You clinch my neck as my thrusts quicken.
I can feel your muscles tighten.

You are crying out with each thrust.
Then suddenly you bear down against me.
Your walls constrict around me.
Your body begins to spasm and shakes violently.

You are climaxing so hard. It is so warm and creamy.

I hold you tight until the fury passes.
I lean back against the back of the couch.
I move your sweat-soaked hair back.
I start kissing your face slightly all over the place.

I ask if you are okay.
As I continue to kiss you and stroke your hair.
You seem to be glowing.
You are definitely smiling.

I slide down and we begin a slow passionate kiss.
I slowly begin thrusting inside you with
Long, deep, and passionate strokes.
So I can make you climaxing hard and long again.

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