Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day One, Link One

Day one, link one

Groggily, I opened my eyes to see a waterbug happily crawling about in the corner. It kept hitting its head, as if there was a hole. Then he skidded along the trim, as if he had one too many. Looking around the room I recognized nothing. Where was I? Why was I here? Naked white walls encased me. A single window with closed blinds was directly across from me. An empty desk with a chair was by the door. Where did it lead? My head pounded like it been attacked by a legion of tiny men with hammers. I looked around the room to see where the little bastards went. It was one thing to attack me, but at least have the balls to face me afterward; I felt cheated. To cap things off, I had an odd taste in my mouth like I'd been french kissing a dump truck. My jaw played this peculiar melody of cracks and pops as I yawned.  Rubbing my face, I discovered a beard long past the need of trimming. I sat up wondering what the hell happened. I had a strong urge for a smoke, a cup of java, and a little loving. However, by looking at my surroundings I figured the first two were a maybe and the last was out of the question, but there is always hope. I heard a muffled scraping sound, like something was being dragged across the floor. I saw the top of a head and two beady eyes peeking through a transom. Someone yelled, then I heard a thump against the door as my peeping tom jumped down, fucking perv. 

My body felt heavy, as if someone was sitting on my shoulders. I was able to stand, but walking seemed to be something else entirely. My feet felt were as though I was wearing cement shoes.  Shuffling my feet forward stopping every few steps to steady myself, I made my way to the desk and leaned against it. Voices streamed into my room. I heard a woman screaming and another singing about a ticket to ride a double dutch bus. I rifled through the drawers to find a clue, but they where empty. Carefully, I headed towards the door. Not sure, if I wanted to let that world into my space, but I needed answers.  Where was I? How long I had been here?  Finally, I made it to the door and opened it. No way was I ready for what I saw. 


  1. The weight in your words is overwhelming.

  2. Oh come one, you can't stop here! Unless he died seeing it. What a tease!

  3. Wonderful build up, love the first person narrative. The ending? You tease!