Thursday, October 8, 2015

Kissing Scene

Author’s Note: It has been far too long since I have written anything for public consumption. Yet, when are summoned by Naomi, you do your best to get off your butt and get the laptop hopping. With a solid playlist blaring in my ear, I will try to string together a few sentences and hopefully at the end of it, there just might be something … here is a little bit from my unfinished novel.

    There was a scent of jasmine in the air leaving no doubt who was there, Alice.  Jasmine smelled a particular way on her. Alice took my hand and said she would walk me home, I reluctantly agreed. I wasn’t really in any condition to be walking, but, the night air would do me some good.  We talked about nothing in particular, as if she hadn’t shattered my heart, leaving me standing at the football stadium, looking at a set of taillights. I decided to drop it and continue enjoying the moment. We were half way to my house when we decided to take the alley between Kaufmann grocery and the Moose Lodge, then things began to get interesting.

     Alice stopped and pulled my head down. She began giving me a deep, searing, kiss. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Her hands exploded my body, as our tongues explored each other mouths. I broke our kiss to tell her my apartment was close, but she placed her finger on my lips, as I began to speak. She unzipped my jeans announcing her intentions. Her breasts were ample and soft to the touch. She pushed her breasts into my hands softly moaning as I squeezed gently. She unbuttoned her blouse placing my hands where she wanted them. I leaned forward taking her rigid nipple in my mouth. I nursed it gently at first, as my hunger built, the harder I nursed. I could feel her hand stroking me to an erection.

Alice pushed me against a stack of bread racks and began kissing her way down my stomach.  My god her tongue felt good. Her tongue swirled around and around my navel. She slowly began working my jeans down to my knees. She had a firm grip of my cock. I could feel the warmth of her breath on the tip. I closed my eyes, still not believing what was about to happen.

Then the door swung open and knocked me and the bread racks to the left. It was Mr. Kaufmann. Alice ran off in a roar of laughter. I followed once I got my jeans up.  We laughed so hard, I ran into a nearby I tried to button up my jeans.  Alice was a bit more graceful. She dodged the dumpster without breaking stride. As I recovered I could hear Mr. Kaufmann swearing behind us, but all I could make out was “Damn kids, get a room!” 


  1. I agree with Mr. Kaufmann lol. Alice seemed to be in such a hurry.

  2. Alice seems very keen lol. Great descriptions and good to see you back Mangus :)

  3. Seems Alice surprised him and in a hurry, not wanting to wait any longer. Great decription of sex in an alley.

  4. Alice seems fired up and ready for some action. Great taster Mangus, I hope we'll see another soon