Thursday, May 7, 2015

Famished - Restructure (WIP)

Author note: This is a segment of my current erotic project. Like so many of our stories it started with a picture. A very talented writer sent me a short take on the picture. From there, I was able to conjure up this tale. Like I always say ... sometimes in the words of others, when can sometimes find our own. I hope you enjoy it

“Honey, this is Silvia. We were together a long time before I met you.”

“So this is the woman you left for me?”

Sophia smiled warmly, “Yes, honey this is the woman. “

I sat there for a few seconds before answering. I thought about my good fortune and suddenly I felt the warmth of pride swelling in my chest.  

“It is lovely to meet you, Silvia”

She smiled, “It is lovely to meet you as well. I always wondered who was the gent, who stole my girl?”

I began to chuckle and the girls joined me. We sat there talking about our lives and the things people talk about while they are in public. Sophia, hand taken my hand and scooted closer to me.  A waitress came by and took our order. Then it started,

“So Sophia, Yusuf must have an impressive cock.”

Sophia blushed, as she sipped her wine, “Yes he does.”

“I figured as much I remember well how you loved to suck a nice cock. So much in fact, I often wondered if you were into women at all.”

 Sophia looked at me for a second, “I believe I demonstrated my commitment.”

“Yes dear, you have quite the talented tongue. I am getting moist just thinking about how well you used it.”

I completely understood what Silvia was expressing my cock had begun to stiffen in response to the conversation. Sophia’s face was crimson. Her eyes sparkled and she rubbed her hand up and down my thigh. Before long she had reached my erection and smiled. Silvia watched us and spoke

“Tell me Yusuf, is this talk about her tongue exciting you?”

I nodded no, but Sophia quickly corrected me.

“He is as hard as rock.” Sophia explained

“Be a darling, and suck it for him.” Silvia suggested

Sophia eyes sparkled at Silvia’s suggestion. Her hand continued stroking my cock through my pants. If I didn’t get relief soon I was going to explode. Perhaps, I could excuse myself to the restroom and rub one out. It was too risky I could get caught. Sophia slowly unzipped my slacks and pulled out my cock. She stroked it slow and deliberate. I leaned back my head enjoying the sensation when I heard Silvia speak up.

“Sophia, you are stroking his cock, aren’t you? … you naughty bitch”

Sophia smiled and continued pleasuring me, “There was a time when you enjoyed my naughty side.”

Silvia licked her lips and drop her hand between her legs, “I still do, love.”  

I hope you have enjoyed this taste of my work...Below is a link for much more talented writers

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  1. They all seem awfully comfortable together for people who have just met. So funny.