Thursday, January 29, 2015

Missed a Spot (WIP)

You look underneath the desk and there is nothing there. So, you pull yourself back up to the desk and resume working. Then you feel it again...You nearly gasp, but you control yourself as you look around the office to see if anyone has noticed. No one has noticed so you continue to work. Then a message pops up in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. You don't recognize it, but you know it needs to be opened. You can't risk it just yet, your boss is right there and the guy from accounting department is giving you the eye, watching your every move. Suddenly, you feel it again, you drop your head behind the screen of your computer and grip the corner of your desk. You feel his fingers inside you working in and out. You feel his tongue flickering on your swollen clit. Your mouth drops open, as you release a silent moan. Then just as suddenly as the sensation appeared; its gone. Slowly, the girls come by your desk telling you its time for lunch, but you graciously hold up a  salad and smile. They return your smile and say "stay with it, girl" and leave. Your boss announces he has a meeting and won't back be until late afternoon. Slowly, the office clears out, except for a few remaining die hards. But, they are on the far side of the office and won't see a thing. Now you can open the icon. 

A window opens and there is a single hand waves across the screen. The room spins round and round. When things settle, you are on a desk leaning back on your elbows and your legs are spread wide open. You feel the sensation of the same tongue licking that you felt before. This time the sensation is stronger ..this time the sensation is real. The smell of exhaust and diesel fill your nostrils. You are trying to figure out where you are, but his fingers and tongue distract you. You sit up and push the head away from between your legs. You stare into the eyes of your bearded lover. His beard seems to sparkle a bit from your juices. You smile as you lean forward to taste his lips. He rises up to meet your kiss. At first, it was just lips gently tasting one another. 


  1. So sexy Mangus! Where is she. Why, and who is doing the licking? I wanted to read much more of this. Great taster!

  2. How strange. I'm curious how this goes.

  3. That was quite the short. I loved it and the ending was so cute, clever and made me smile. I really enjoyed the third person narrative, too. I think it is well structured, written very well and really catches your attention. But, I don’t get how she got from her desk to Sully’s office. Was she daydreaming at her desk or was he in the knee well? Nevertheless…

    Every girl’s dream lunch date….

    Those were the days.

  4. It was interesting to read something in second person, that's not really common.