Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What was that ?

It took me a minute to find it, but I did. slowly I walk towards her. From my gaze my intentions were clear. She just stood waiting, subconsciously she moistened her lips. She seemed a bit nervous, but she knew what was about to happen, but not how. Our lips finally met. Our tongue danced as they explored each other's mouths. I could feel her knees weaken, as she grabbed ahold of me. I lifted her and carried her to a nearly table. Our kiss turns searing and passionate. I part her legs and rub her sweetness.  Our kisses breaks, our foreheads touch, as I slide her saturated panties to the side.

My fingers explore the folds of her sweetness. She moaned deeply into my mouth. I felt pressure on my shoulders as she directed me to where she needed me. Happily, I fell to my knees and become intoxicated by her aroma. My tongue teasing her swollen lips and clit. My fingers probed in and out charting new depths. Finally, I wrap lips around her clit, sucking it not too hard, just enough. Her juices coated my fingers and her moans filled my ears. My stiffen tongue replaced my fingers. Her hips grind hard against my mouth. I lap feverishly. I suck relentlessly and wade in the cascades of her nectar.

She panted softly, "What was that?"

My Reply, "tung -po - tiger style"


  1. Good golly, Molly. That was a slice of Heaven. You had me at she moistened her lips...I did too. xo