Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Arrangment

They had a deal, no emotional attachment. They both had been through the wringer and wanted to feel anything, but the pain they had suffered. At first, it was just conversations on the phone. Then it progressed to late night movies and dinners in private, just the two of them helping each other through the pain. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way she began to matter to him more than she should. Though he was sure she didn't share his feelings, his feelings for her continued to grow. He had given her a key with an open invitation to come to his apartment whenever she wanted, Something he never dreamed she would take him up on. The night had slipped into the arms of the morning. The embrace radiated through the window, wiping away the sleepiness of the night. He walked into the kitchen to begin his morning routine and his life changed before his eyes. On his ratty blue leather couch laid hope, longing and confusion all rolled together in the form of a sleeping beauty. She lay there her back facing him. He wanted to wake her, but she was exposed. He covered her thinking they needed to redefine the terms of their arrangement. 


  1. Lovely. Very portic and that, of course, appeals to me a lot. Looks to me as tho she already DID redefine their relationship. Xo

  2. Very nice details in this, Mangus. The emotional context was spot on.

  3. I love this teaser! One of your best. Excellent emotions portrayed in so few words. Well done Mangus!