Tuesday, February 10, 2015

somebody to love

It was such a alluring sound. The bass thumped back and forth in time with the drums cadence. A blond, a brunette, and a redhead sautered towards him. The redhead made him nervous and the blond had no effect at all. Yet, the brunette was the one his mother warned him about was the greatest temptation of all. 

Go wake Mangus 

Make him heed the call 

He was being chased by kitty's and knew he was about to fall. Tell 'em green hookah-smoking muse has told him the tale. 

this happened to Mangus 
when he was small ...

Just as the patrons of the graveyard get up and guide where to go. He had just smoked some writer's shroom and his mind was moving slow 

Go find MMMMaaaannnnggguuuusssss!!!
I'm sure he knows ....

When madness and darkness release what has been bred 
and the blond is speaking gibberish 
and the redhead slaps the blond head 
Remember what the brunette said ... 

The brunette rips open her top exposing herself 

"Feed the Madness"
"Feed the Madness" 

Don't you need somebody to love ?



  1. What an intriguing take on this picture. You had me enthralled :)

  2. Where there is madness there is genius. You had me so wrapped up in this I was not ready for it to end. Yes, enthralled is a perfect word for it.

  3. I was enthralled too and wanted more

  4. Magnus, you are one of the hottest erotic writers out there. Holy smokes, another arousing piece.