Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Sitting here staring at a blank screen, hoping the words will come, Just sitting here waiting, yeah, any minute now. The rush is going to happen, and I get lost in the groove, engulfed by the zone. Yeah, that what I get telling myself, its day 14 of the stupid contest that I enter every year and I have already run out of things to say. But, I can’t tell her that. I can’t let her know the faith she has in me is misplaced. She said if I wrote 1000 words a day we could play. She had brought me out to the country to write, to be free of distraction. I hear the wind rust the leaves right outside the window. I looked out only to see her sitting there looking at me. Her legs were spread open an attractive manner. She was barely wearing anything, just a blouse and lace underwear. How could she be doing this to me? I was trying to concentrate, but I could think about was having my way with her. I felt myself becoming excited, and the words started to flow. The more I looked at her, the faster they came. That’s what I call incentive.


  1. Good to see you participating again Mangus. You read the picture well

  2. Great incentive right there, lol. Fab tease :-)