Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I needed the money, and my buddy knew my weakness. So he got me a protection gig. It was supposed to low keyed operation. Two socialites in an unmarked nothing to draw attention to the principals. The women were a little flirty, but fun loving. I didn’t mind much I figured it would be a wild night, and some guy might have a chance to get lucky. I had no idea it could be me.

“Hey, handsome where are you, taking us?” The blond in sunglasses asked.

“Electra’s” I answered

“We love Electra’s” The blond sitting directly behind me exclaimed.

“Honey, may we asked you a question?” Sunglasses asked

“Yes, ma’am was is it?” I asked

There was a bit of giggling, then one sitting behind me asked, “Do you like to be sucked?”

I swallowed hard, and cock jerked a bit, but I refused to answer. I kept driving, and we finally reached Electra’s. I got out and walked around to the other side of the car. I didn’t realize I was rock hard. I was standing by the door looking in when I noticed Sunglasses had her breasts out pushed together between her arms. Then she said, “I didn’t to make you hard, oops!!!”


  1. This was a very playful tease. If only you were allowed to expand it to 200 words. I felt the excitement there.