Friday, April 17, 2015


I was young when I learned the Quill controlled me, I didn't control the Quill. We would sit and silently stare into the nothingness. A smile slowly creeps onto our face, a woman standing on the isle. Her body and soul captured in the melody of the sea that surrounds. We are dreaming the things we dream in the daytime. Our lover walks into the room, watching us smile and asks “What is it?” We are slightly startled because we didn't hear them come in. With a slight smile, as we’re pulled back from our special world. And simply say, “Nothing.” 


  1. Fascinating interpretation of this picture :-)

  2. Ah the private connection between a writer and his/her muse.

  3. Loved this! Very unique in how you went about this picture. Def could go on and go deeper. :) Great flash.